Staff Directory

Dr Emmanouil Gkeredakis

Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Research Interests

Complex collaboration/coordination; crowdsourcing for innovation; evidence-based healthcare; healthcare resource allocation

My primary research interests revolve around the micro-dynamics (practices) of collaborative work in complex organizational settings. My research focus is on how practitioners, individually and collectively, experience and cope with multiple interdependencies in collaborative work situations and what resources might enable them to cross various boundaries (e.g., task-specific, temporal, epistemic,) in order to coordinate distributed activities. My research also examines how organisations enact decision making in bewildering situations (e.g., when faced with challenging decision dilemmas relating to resource allocation) and how decision making is affected by pressures for transparency and accountability.

More recently, I have been studying the emergence of crowdsourcing as a novel IT-enabled organizational form with a focus on innovation.

I generally employ qualitative methods (e.g., field observations, interviews) and make use of social theories, such as practice theories and pragmatic sociology.

Industry focus: commissioning/procurement of complex services (healthcare), crowdsourcing/crowdfunding, healthcare resource allocation

Teaching in 2015-2016


  • IB92X0: Business IT and Services
  • IB92X0: Business IT and Services
  • IB92X0: Business IT and Services

Information Systems Management & Innovation

  • IB96H0: Knowledge, Work and Innovation

Information Systems & Management Group

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 28237


Emmanouil (Manos) joined the ISM group in 2014. He has previously held postdoctoral positions at Stern School of Business, New York University (2013) and was also awarded the prestigious ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2012). Currently, Manos studies how organizations might work together with crowds to innovate and also examines the challenges and enabling conditions underlying the creation of crowd-based organisations (e.g., Quirky, Kickstarter).

Manos holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Athens University of Economics and Business), a MSc in Operational Research and Management Science (with distinction, Aston Business School), and a PhD in Organization Studies (Liverpool University).

Manos is an invited member of the ESRC Peer Review College and acts as a reviewer for the ESRC, the US National Science Foundation as well as top academic journals, such as Information Systems Research, Organisation Studies and BMJ.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Gkeredakis, E.,Nicolini, D. and J. Swan. "Moral judgements as organizational accomplishments: insights from a focused ethnography in the English healthcare sector"
    Francois Cooren, Ann Langley, Hari Tsoukas, Eero Vaara, Language and communication at work: Discourse, Narrativity, and Organizing, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2014)

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