Leading Wisely

Explore the complexities of making judgment calls in an uncertain environment

Leading Wisely is one of Warwick Business School’s suite of dynamic and experiential workshops that offer new routes to learning and development, in order to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

How can you make a higher percentage of great judgement calls, at times when it counts most?

The most important role of a leader is to make well informed decisions. Leading Wisely is a two-day workshop to help senior leaders develop the skills and attitudes needed to make the right judgement calls in an increasingly complex and changing global market.

Location: WBS London, The Shard
Date: 2017 dates to be confirmed
Fee: £1,990

Become an effective leader
A leader’s judgment determines the success or failure of an organisation. Leaders face dilemmas in which it is not obvious how they should act.

Leading Wisely is about doing the right thing in circumstances of ambiguity and uncertainty. Wisdom enriches leadership through enhanced perception, understanding, higher self-knowledge, and more effective action. In this workshop you will consider leading wisely in its organizational context: its importance to leadership, what it consists of, and how it is accomplished.

Who will teach me?
This programme will be let by Hari Tsoukas, Professor of Organisational Studies, and Jonothan Neelands, Professor of Creative Education.


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