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Archived Article • 15 February 2011 • Feature

In November last year we profiled seven professors new to WBS. Less than three months on, WBS has appointed a further six professors across a range of subject areas. We introduce them below.

Professor Steve BrammerProfessor Steve Brammer
A leading scholar on what drives an organisation's social and ethical performance
Stephen Brammer joined WBS last month as Professor of Strategy and Associate Dean for Research. He is based in the Marketing & Strategic Management Group. Previously he was Professor of Business and Society at the University of Bath's School of Management.

He is a leading scholar in the areas of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. His research explores firm-stakeholder relationships, the strategic management of these, and the impacts of these upon company performance and reputation.

His research has been widely published in leading journals such as the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Financial Management, and the Journal of Business Research. He is a member of the Academy of Management and serves on the executive board of the International Association for Business and Society, a Section Editor at the Journal of Business Ethics, and a member of the editorial boards of Journal of Management Studies, Business Ethics Quarterly, and Business & Society.

Professor Graeme CurrieProfessor Graeme Currie
A late entrant to academia and now a leading international academic in public management

Graeme's first job was as a graduate management trainee for Rover in 1984, and in his own words, he was a 'mature entrant' when he joined academia in 1996, gaining his PhD from the University of Nottingham. He worked at Nottingham for 14 years, since 2005 as Professor of Public Services Management. For the last 3 years he was Director of an applied research institute funded by the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) and partner NHS organizations. His job title at WBS is Professor of Public Management, based in the International Centre for Governance & Public Management.

Graeme's main areas of academic expertise in public management relate to: leadership and governance; knowledge mobilisation; translation of innovation; re-engineering systems and professional roles. Public services domains covered by his research include: healthcare; education; local government; police; third sector. He currently holds a number of research grants related to these areas.

His research has been published in a range of organization studies and public administration journals, over 60 to date. Consistent with his positioning between organization studies and public administration, Graeme sits on a number of journal editorial boards, including the Journal of Management Studies and Management Learning.

He has also been an Organization Development Advisor for West Birmingham Health Authority, continued his engagement with management practice through a Non-Executive Directorship for Nottinghamshire Healthcare (2007-08) and is currently a member of a small steering group for Alliance Boots, making recommendations for innovation related to their health and beauty care business'

Professor Bruno FreyProfessor Bruno Frey
An international and highly cited researcher

Bruno was recently appointed Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Science at WBS, and is based in the Behavioural Science Group. He retains the post of Professor of Economics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, where he has specialized in political economy, non-market economics, and the theory of economic policy since 1977. Before that he was Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Basel. He is also Research Director of CREMA (Centre for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts, Zurich).

He has studied in continental Europe, the UK and the USA, and holds four Honorary Doctorates. He is author of over 600 articles in professional journals in economics and also in political science, sociology and psychology. He holds numerous professional memberships and is on many editorial boards and committees. Since 2009 he has been on the publisher Thomson's ISI Web of Knowledge 'Most Highly Cited Researchers' list, but against this advises readers to see his two papers Publishing as Prostitution (2003) and Economists in the PITS? (2009)!

Bruno's main research interests are in the application of economics in non-economic fields, for example politics - the economic theory of politics and international political economy, the environment, family, conflict, history and art; and theory of economic policy. More recently, he is researching the connection between economics and psychology.

Professor Graham LoomesProfessor Graham Loomes
A highly cited scholar and Fellow of the British Academy

Graham joined WBS only this month, as Professor of Behavioural Science, retaining his role as Professor of Economics in the University's Economics Department. He has undertaken research for a number of government bodies in the UK and elsewhere, and has received funding from organisations including the Economic and Social Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust, the UK Office of Fair Trading, the European Commission, and the NHS.

He has a particular interest in behavioural economics and decision making under risk and uncertainty, with particular applications to health, safety and environmental issues. This involves the use of experimental techniques to aid the development of theory and methodology, and the conduct of surveys and field studies to apply the principles and methods to practical policy issues such as the monetary value to be attached to health and safety benefits.
Graham has authored, co-authored and edited numerous journal articles and books. He is an ISI Highly Cited Scholar, Fellow of the British Academy and an ESRC Professorial Fellow.

Professor Margit OsterlohProfessor Margit Osterloh
A deep and practical understanding of management issues

Margit joined WBS in 2010 as Professor of Management Science, after holding a chair in Human Resources at the University in Lüneburg, Germany, and then a chair in Business Administration and Management of Technology and Innovation at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. She is based in the Marketing & Strategic Management Group at WBS.

She has published nine books as author, co-author, or editor, and published over 160 scholarly articles. She was awarded an honorary doctorate from Leuphana University Lüneburg and is research director of CREMA (Centre for Research in Economics, Management, and the Arts) Zürich. She is a former board member of three large companies in Switzerland and Germany, and a current member of Deutscher Wissenschaftsrat (German Council for Science and Humanities).

Margit's research interests cover organization theory; knowledge management, philosophy of science, corporate governance, and research governance.

Professor Richard TafflerProfessor Richard Taffler
An authority on behavioural finance, he relishes his engagement with investment practitioners

Richard joined Warwick Business School in January 2011 as Professor of Finance and Accounting and Head of the Accounting Group, from a chair at Manchester Business School. Previously he was the Martin Currie Professor of Finance and Investment at the University of Edinburgh.

An authority on behavioural finance, he has published over a hundred academic and professional papers and books, and is frequently quoted in the media. Richard's interests include the identification and exploitation of stock market anomalies, including the market's inability to deal with bad news appropriately, fund manager performance and nature of their investment decisions, sell-side analyst judgments, financial distress, and the impact of CEO overconfidence and narcissism on firm performance.

Professor Taffler is currently helping to develop the new paradigm of emotional finance to complement traditional and behavioural perspectives and which focuses on the role of the emotions and the unconscious in investment decisions and market behaviour. Richard consults actively with major investment houses, international banks and other financial organizations and particularly enjoys his engagement with investment practitioners.

In conclusion, Dean of WBS Professor Mark Taylor comments, "We are delighted to welcome these talented professors to our faculty; their presence and expertise increase the breadth and depth of our subject coverage, both in teaching and research."

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