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Giving back to WBS

You may have experienced the benefits of a WBS education, or you may have a philanthropic interest in supporting excellence in scholarship. As an educational institution we have exempt charitable status. Investing in us enables us to continue:

  • recruiting the brightest and best students
  • encouraging top-class academics to do their research here
  • building world-class facilities for our students and staff.

Ways to donate are explained by the University here; please make clear if you wish your donation to benefit WBS specifically, or the University in general.

Volunteer your time
Our alumni help out in many course-related ways including:

  • Speaking to students, pre arrival and while studying here
  • Representing us at recruitment events
  • Guest lecturing as part of courses or at special events
  • Become a Warwick Ambassador - email us to find out more.

Leverage your organisation
Some graduates get their employer or their own company to help:

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