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Dr Claire Evans

Research Fellow

Research Interests

Employee participation and the creation of workplace trust; comparative employment relations; trade union organising strategies; skills systems; the greening of work and skills.


Alsos, K. and Evans, C. (2018). Temporary work agencies: Triangular disorganization or multilevel regulation? European Journal of Industrial Relations, 24(4): 391?407.

Doering, H., Evans, C. and Stroud, D. (2015) 'Sustainable steel, sustainable capitalism? Capitalism, the environmental agenda and the greening of steel work in Brazil and Germany.' Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, Autumn 2015; 70(4): 621-64.

Stroud, D., Evans, C., Fairbrother, P. and Blake, J. (2015) 'Governments matter for capitalist economies: Regeneration and transition to green and decent jobs.' Economic and Industrial Democracy, 39(1): 87?108.

Evans, C. and Stroud, D. (2014) 'Greening steel work: Varieties of capitalism, the green skills agenda and the implications for the labour process.' Journal of Education and Work, 29 (3): 263-283.

Stroud, D., Evans, C., Fairbrother, P. and Blake, J. (2014) "Skill Development in the transition to a green economy: A 'Varieties of Capitalism' analysis." Economic and Labor Relations Review, 25(1): 10 ? 27.

Korczynski, M. And Evans, C. (2013) 'Customer abuse- pathology of individuals or of the service society?' Work, Employment and Society, 27(5): 768-784.

Evans, C., Harvey, G. and Turnbull, P. (2012) 'When Partnerships Don't Match Up: An Evaluation of Labour Management Partnerships in the Civil Aviation and Automotive Components Industries.' Human Resource Management Journal, 22(1): 60-75.

Industrial Relations Research Unit

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 73115  /  Room: 2.132


I completed my doctorate at Cardiff Business School. My research examined the impact of employee participation strategies on levels of workplace trust, assessing the extent to which 'meaningful' participation and the creation of genuine trust is possible within LME workplaces. Since then, I have been employed on a number of research projects, which have focused primarily on the greening of economies, jobs and skills.

I joined IRRU in 2016 and work as the UK correspondent on the Eurofound contract.


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