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Dr Dulini Fernando

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Dulini takes a socio cultural lens using career as a conceptual tool to examine highly skilled employees' experiences of work. She works with a range of theoretical frameworks including structuration theory, social constructionism, institutional work and Bourdieu's theory of practice.

To date she has studied highly skilled workers in developing economies, in public and private organisations, in academia, highly skilled migrants and highly skilled women workers aiming to answer the following questions:

1.What are the structural barriers and paradoxes highly skilled workers encounter in pursuing their careers in the rapidly changing world of work? How do they deal with these and with what implications for a fair world of work ?
2. What are the recipes for success in the rapidly marketizing workplace? To what extent are these socially and culturally mediated?

Teaching in 2018-2019

Human Resource Management & Employment Relations
  • IB96N0: Researching Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
MSc Business
  • IB9CF0: Research Methodology
  • IB98R0: Leading and Managing Change
Postgraduate Research Business and Management
  • IB9GY0: Organization and Strategy
  • IB3130: Business Studies I
  • IB3140: Business Studies II
  • IB1230: Foundations of Organisational Behaviour

Innovation, Knowledge & Organisational Networks Research Unit, Industrial Relations Research Unit, Organisation & HRM

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 22465  /  Room: 2.124


Dulini holds two BSc degrees from LSE and Lancaster University, a MSc from LSE and a PhD from Loughborough University. Dulini serves as an adhoc reviewer for a number of organisation and management journals.


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