Interview with Citroen UK's MD Linda Jackson

06 July 2011 • News from alumni

Linda Jackson MD Citroen

Linda Jackson (EMBA class of 1990) is the only female boss of a UK-based car manufacturer.

Interviewed for a long article in Motor Trader Monthly, she explains she explains how she has tackled the challenges facing her on her appointment last July.

She summarises these as Citroen's (then) declining UK market share, long planned terminations due to take effect imminently, and dealer dissatisfaction.

"When I arrived back in July there was definitely a need to concentrate and decide exactly where we are going," she said.

She took a decision to strengthen Citroen's offers to build sales and also to accelerate the rebranding of Citroen dealerships.

"We all knew where we were going, it was exactly the same end, but it was the speed with which we did it."

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