Life Sciences & Healthcare Network

The Warwick Life Sciences & Healthcare professional network provides a forum for all Warwick alumni, students, and academics to interact and discuss related issues. We enable members to exchange ideas and information on areas including: challenges in pharmaceutical R&D; management of innovation and intellectual property; trends in medical technology and regulation; and sustainable financing of healthcare. The network fosters research collaboration and members can work with faculty to propose and undertake areas of industry research. 

We are a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and for bringing people together to start, build, and finance life science companies. We encourage relationship building to support personal and career development and encourage teamwork to provide pro bono consulting to community organisations. 


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Healthcare and Wellbeing
Five reads you need: health leaders learning from COVID

The global pandemic has forced healthcare systems to react incredibly quickly to cope with new innovations and processes brought in overnight. Charlotte Croft points out what healthcare leaders should read to learn from it all.