Top tips for making your MSc application to WBS
16 February 2023

Wondering what makes an MSc application catch the eye of our Recruitment & Admissions Team? Members of our Recruitment and Business Development teams delve deeper into how to make a stand-out application to our one-year, full-time MSc courses.

What do you need to prepare before applying to WBS?

Laura: Before making an application, we would encourage you to spend some time looking over the requirements on the course page that you are interested in; these can include academic qualifications, past modules, and English language requirements. Once you’re sure you can meet those requirements, you can prepare the rest of your application. You will need to submit your CV, transcript, personal statement, and reference as part of the application, as well as paying an application fee of £60.

We always advise taking some time to review all of these documents before submitting your application to make sure they are up to date and appropriate to the course you are applying for.

What are your top tips for making an application stand out?

Laura: There are a few key things that make an application stand out for me. Firstly, the personal statement and other documents should be tailored to Warwick Business School, showing that you’ve taken the time to research the course and apply that to your application. Secondly, highlighting and showcasing yourself through your personal statement, paying particular attention to how you align with our CORE values.

Danielle: Studying at WBS means being open to new ideas, viewpoints, and new voices, helping you to take on new perspectives and challenge your thinking, so it’s really important that your application showcases this.

What should you avoid when making an application?

Danielle: Bear in mind that the Recruitment & Admissions Team goes through thousands of applications a year, so making it easy for the Team to see the important things about your application is really useful. Key things to avoid are:

  • Repetition of your CV in your personal statement - always try to relate what you write in your personal statement to your university and course of interest.
  • Listing in your CV - if you are writing about extra-curricular activities, give some context and detail about what you have participated in.
  • Avoid submitting generic documentation to multiple universities, your personal statement is where you can really sell yourself and demonstrate your commitment and passion to join us at WBS.

Is there a deadline for applying to the MSc courses?

Danielle: All courses have deadlines which can be found on their respective course pages. With that in mind, we would always encourage you to make an application early in the cycle to ensure there are still places available on the course.

Laura: We’d also advise applying early if you are hoping to apply for either a WBS scholarship, or an external scholarship; external scholarships often have set deadlines, and there are only a limited number of WBS scholarships available.

Once I’ve applied, who will review my application, and what is the process?

Danielle: Your application will first come to our MSc Recruitment & Admissions team at Warwick Business School, where our dedicated team will do an initial screening of your academic background and application.

If you meet our entry criteria, your application will be processed through to a Selection Committee. They will review and discuss your application in detail; this is when the decision is made on the outcome of your application.

If you are awarded with an offer, the Selection Committee will review your application for a scholarship. Once a decision has been made, the Selection Committee will send their decision to the University of Warwick’s Postgraduate Admissions Team for checking and processing. They will then issue an email with the outcome of your application.

Is there an interview?

Danielle: There are no interviews for our MSc courses here at Warwick Business School; all decisions are made based on the application you submit. We will review your undergraduate transcript in depth along with reviewing your CV and personal statement, which is why it is so important to put a lot of effort into tailoring your application to your specific university and course of interest.

Are you ready to discover more about our range of MSc courses before making your application? View our Postgraduate course web pages, or contact our MSc Recruitment & Admissions Team