Undergraduate placements and internships

When considering your talent pipeline and filling your graduate level positions, engaging one of our talented undergraduate students on an industry placement, summer internship, or work experience role can be an excellent starting route.

Our undergraduate degrees include a range of elective modules such as HR, marketing, logistics, digital innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, law, and customer service management. As a result, our students are keen to gain experience in a wide variety of business functions and are ready to make a difference to your organisation.

Our CareersPlus team will help you to identify the best candidates for your placement and internship opportunities, and work with our students to fully prepare them for their applications and employment offers.

You will have access to our internal jobs board, exclusive social media channels to WBS students, and our weekly careers eNewsletter during term time, upon request. The CareersPlus team can also arrange employer events, allowing you to meet with our students and support you in your recruitment activity on campus. This could include delivering an employer presentation, attending one of our placement or internship events, or arranging a talent sourcing session on behalf of your company. Any advertising, including event organisation, is free for employers.

Undergraduate placements can take place in the UK or overseas and should be relevant to our student’s degree discipline. Students taking this option are expected to complete a minimum of nine months employment in a maximum of two roles over the year. All placements should be three months minimum in duration and should meet national wage requirements if they are based in the UK (or the equivalent to any other legal international wage requirements if based abroad).

Examples of previous internships and placements include:

  • E-Commerce and Logistics Intern at Amazon
  • Industrial Placement Trainee at Jaguar Land Rover
  • Fraud Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Digital Marketing Intern at Warner Bros
  • Pursuit Lead in Corporate Sales at Microsoft. 

MSc and MBA projects

WBS offers MSc and MBA group and individual projects to students as part of their curriculum. 

LeadershipPlus Projects

Groups of six to eight Full-time MBA students undertake projects from January to March each year as part of their LeadershipPlus module at WBS. Previous clients range from large corporates, to locally-based SMEs, charities or not-for-profit/social enterprises. These projects will provide you with insights and recommendations into relevant business issues without incurring MBA-level consultancy fees. We welcome project briefs from September to December.

Consultancy Projects

Consultancy projects can provide you with targeted and practical solutions to current business issues. Individual MBA or MSc students, equipped with the latest theories and practice, work with you full-time from July to August each year as part of their dissertation module. We welcome the submission of project briefs until March each academic year. We will work with you to define the scope and desired deliverables of your project, advertise it and help you to recruit the right student. Projects are also ideal to test a candidate's suitability for a permanent position with your organisation.  

Companies that regularly provide consultancy projects include: 

  • GE Healthcare 
  • Delphi Automotive 
  • Jaguar Land Rover  
  • Müller. 

You can work with students from the following courses:  

To find out more about working with our Undergraduate, MSc, or MBA students, please contact the CareersPlus team at or +44 (024) 7657 4862.




"We have worked closely with excellent candidates from the MSc Marketing and Strategy programme who impressed us with their analytical thinking and recommendations. As a result of this process, we have been able to offer several full time positions to these students, who are now working across our 3 key brands Müller Corner, Müllerlight and Müller Rice. We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with Warwick as it offers us the ability to gain great insights while also road-testing students for their suitability and fit with our company values and ethos."

Michael Inpong, Chief Marketing Officer, Müller Group



"We have found a number of high-quality candidates from working closely with Warwick Business School, many of whom we believe will become the senior leaders of our business in future. We consider WBS one of our target university partners and we look forward to continuing our working relationship.”
Kieran Holland, Manager - Amazon EU MBA Programme

Campus Presentations

This is one of the most effective ways of building your brand, showcasing your organisation, and promoting your opportunities to our students. Presentation slots are available between October and April each year. 

Employer Treks

If you would prefer to meet candidates at your premises, we can organise a visit from our students. Treks provide students with a real insight into working in your company and are an invaluable tool for our diversity scholarships that encourage social mobility. These visits enable you to present your organisation, staff, culture, and employment opportunities while also encouraging our students to choose your company for their future careers. 

Jobs board

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