Research Consultancy

Whether you want to make a joint bid for research funding, commission research or a PhD project, access our existing research projects or find an expert we can help you.

As a leading business school we have expertise in a variety of areas and have partnered with organisations across the public and private sector. These partnerships provide us with evidence that is essential for our academic work and ensures we make a difference in the business world. 

If you want to commission research we’ll need to know:

  • What are your main objectives?
  • What types of organisations would it involve?
  • Who would use its outputs?
  • What sorts of decisions might it inform, and for whom?

The more we know about the research you want to commission, the more helpful we can be in building useful connections with our experts. 

Our Academic and PhD Consultancy page has further information. To commission an MBA or Masters student project go to Student Projects.

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