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Fees and Funding


The estimated tuition fee for 2020 entry to our Doctoral Programme is £4,425* for UK/EU full-time students and £2,655 for UK/EU part-time students. The estimated tuition fees for overseas students are £18,800 per year (full-time only). 

Fees are for a single year of study and are normally payable at the start of each year of tuition. Fees are subject to change in further years of study.

*Home/EU PGR tuition fees for 2020-21 onwards are subject to RCUK funding rate changes and are therefore not yet confirmed. Fees are expected to increase, and the inflation rates applied by RCUK is generally expected to be in line with RPI. 

Chancellor's International Scholarship

Overseas applicants are strongly advised to apply for a Chancellor’s International Scholarship.

You must have applied for the PhD Programme and indicated that you wish to be considered for this scholarship by no later than 11 January 2020. In order to apply for the Chancellor’s Scholarship, which is administered by the University, you will need to have received an offer for the programme you wish to study via the Doctoral Programme Office at WBS. 

The WBS deadline for all documentation to be submitted for scholarship consideration is 11 January 2020

You must have submitted all your application documents by 11 January 2020, if not before. These include your research proposal, two academic references, degree transcripts (undergraduate and masters), English language test certificate and GRE/GMAT score and certificate if applying to the PhD in Finance and Econometrics. 


ESRC Scholarships

The ESRC have scholarships for PhD programme applicants, which are available to UK and EU students only. The deadline to apply for these is 22 January 2020. You must apply directly to the ESRC for these scholarships, and you should indicate in your application to the programme that you have applied to the ESRC.Details on available ESRC scholarships can be found here. We consider applications from all areas of Business and Management, including the Warwick Institute of Employment Research (IER), and Finance.

WBS Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships open to full-time applicants for the PhD in Business and Management Programme, and the PhD in Finance and Econometrics Programme, regardless of nationalityDeadlines for applications to the PhD programme can be found here.

Turing Scholarships

The Alan Turing Institute offers students the opportunity to complete a PhD through the Institute and the University of Warwick. For more information, please see the Turing Institute website.

Subject Group Scholarships

Scholarships are occasionally made available by subject groups in areas aligned to research centres. These will be listed as they arise.

WBS PhD studentship in International Business

Commencing in October 2020

This WBS studentship is an exciting opportunity to conduct research leading to a PhD in Business and Management at WBS. The project is located within the Strategy and International Business group and will be supervised by Professor Nigel Driffield.

The theme of this project is to explore the links between inward investment and economic development. It is aimed at understanding how multinational companies’ investment motivations, entry strategies and subsequent strategic activity translate into economic progress in countries that receive their investment.

The traditional literature takes one of two approaches, either the literature on spillovers from FDI (typically in the west) or the extent to which inward investment can contribute to poverty reduction in developing countries. This project will seek to advance either one or both of these debates, seeking to define a clearer link between what motivates firms to undertake foreign investment, how regions can establish their value proposition to those firms, including understanding the policy trade-offs between attracting inward investment, generating productivity and creating jobs.

Skills required

A good knowledge of the FDI literature, either from an international economics, or quantitative international business literature would be an advantage. Applicants are expected to have strong quants skills, but also be comfortable working with policy makers.

Scholarship details

4 year scholarship covering Home/EU fees plus a stipend of approximately £15,250 per annum subject to confirmation of RCUK rates.

Minimum entry requirements

A minimum of an upper second class honours degree from a British university, or an equivalent from an overseas university; plus a relevant Masters degree ideally with a distinction in the dissertation.

Application deadline: 5 April 2020

For informal queries please contact Professor Nigel Driffield at

For enquiries on how to apply please contact the Doctoral Programme Office at or +44 (0)24 7652 4754, or start your application online at

Your application must include a supporting research proposal (approximately 2,000 words) about your initial research ideas and how you would approach this research project. Click here for further information on the supporting documentation to accompany your submission.

WBS PhD studentship in Managing the Energy Transition

Commencing in October 2020

This studentship is linked to a research project on the ‘Geopolitical Economy of Energy System Transformation’ that is being funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) as part of a programme of research on UK Energy in Global Context. This is an exciting opportunity to conduct research leading to a PhD in Business and Management at WBS. The project is located within the Strategy and International Business Group and will be supervised by Professor Michael Bradshaw and Professor David Elmes.

In the post-Paris Agreement world, there is growing recognition that the need to decarbonise the global energy system presents an existential threat to the established international oil companies (IOCs) and national oil companies (NOCs), as well as the wider supply chain. Pressure from the financial community, environmental NGOs and shareholders is forcing oil companies to consider the impact of climate change on their future business prospects. The aim of this research studentship is to examine the various responses of the oil and gas industry as it seeks strategies to deal with what is being called ‘transition risk.’ The successful candidate will work within a multi-disciplinary research team based at Warwick, Durham and UCL. They will also have an opportunity to attend various UKERC events.

Applicants are asked to put forward their own proposal for PhD research within this broad area of ‘Managing the Energy Transition.’ The proposal must make clear how the proposed research will draw on theories and methods in Business and Management, as well as related fields of energy research in the social sciences.

Skills required

A good knowledge in one of the following fields: strategy and international business, economic geography, international political economy. It would also be advantageous if the student had an understanding of the global energy system. The student is expected to have good communication skills, and willingness to participate in a multi-disciplinary research team.

Scholarship details

4-year full-time scholarship covering Home/EU fees plus a stipend of approximately £15,300 per annum subject to confirmation of RCUK rates. Non-Home/EU applicants are eligible to apply but they will have to cover the fee differential between the Home/EU fee and the overseas fee).

Minimum entry requirements

A minimum of an upper second-class honours degree from a British university, or an equivalent from an overseas university; plus a relevant masters degree ideally with a distinction in the dissertation.

Application deadline: 30 June 2020

For informal queries please contact Professor Michael Bradshaw at:

For enquiries on how to apply please contact the Doctoral Programme Office at or +44 (0)24 7652 4754, or start your application online at

WBS PhD studentship in Position in Strategy

Commencing in October 2020

The Strategy and International Business group at WBS is currently seeking applications for one full-time PhD scholarship (4 years), starting from October 2020, on the following research project:

Corporate Transformations: Process and Learning Challenges in Corporate Development and Split-Ups

The project is located within the Strategy and International Business group and will be supervised by Professor Koen H. Heimeriks

We are looking for a top-talented and motivated candidate with strong analytical and methodological skills in social sciences (preferably qualitative and/or mixed methods research skills) who is eager to join in an interdisciplinary and international research project and interact with industry and academia. The project offers potential unique access and opportunity to learn from and engage with leading multinationals to develop academic theory on corporate transformations. The eligible candidate has explicit excitement for both academic excellence and industry engagement.

Scholarship details

A WBS Scholarship will be available for an exceptional candidate. The WBS Scholarship covers tuition at the Home/EU level, and an annual stipend of approximately £15,300 per annum. A successful overseas applicant would be required to pay the difference between the Home/EU and international fee. The successful candidate may be able to extend the scholarship to include the opportunity to interact with leading technology and advisory firms expert in the topical domain of the PhD. There is current interest from several firms to support this research project.

The attainment of a PhD title in Strategy at WBS requires meeting all the training according to Warwick University standards as well as full-time study and engagement in research activities during the four-year period.

The Strategy and International Business group at WBS has a strong commitment to excellence as well as impact in its research and teaching activities. The doctoral programme is very international and aims to offer PhD education to educate graduates that are held in highest esteem. 

Project description

With global Mergers & Acquisitions hitting $3.9tn last year, companies continue to engage in megadeals to secure business growth. Despite the difficulty to succeed, many firms rely on acquisitions and divestitures to respond to environmental disruption. While some companies have succeeded to transform themselves, others such as Kodak and Nokia have notably failed in remaining competitive in such dynamic settings. There is interesting variety in corporate transformations. Typically firms shed less profitable assets to acquire new businesses; others like Dow-DuPont and Philips have taken a different approach, they acquire to then split the joint company through initial public offering (IPO).

Prior research looks at the processes that have enabled leading companies, e.g., IBM or Intel, to transform their corporate portfolio to remain competitive in highly volatile industries. Yet while corporate transformation is at the heart of strategy, little is known about the sequencing of different corporate development activities, such as acquiring, divesting (legacy) businesses, and IPO’ing. Similarly, research typically considers these activities in isolation. As a consequence, little is known about the timing and relating of these different corporate transformation activities. Hence, important questions remain about how companies develop the capability to transform themselves, specifically about what processes and sequences are central to successful corporate transformations.

Given the topic, there are potential opportunities to closely connect with senior executives to study how industry leaders realize successful corporate transformation. Specifically, research aims will be directed at gathering fine-grained, qualitative data to study the transformational processes that enable these companies to serially divest and acquire over longer periods of time.

Also, there may be opportunities for the successful applicant to connect with other leading academic institutions that the project lead is affiliated with which include several other top schools across the globe.

Application deadline: 5 April 2020 (5PM CET). No applications will be considered after this date.

Candidates are requested to apply through the formal application system on our apply page. Please list the topic scholarship 'Corporate transformations: Process and learning challenges in corporate development and split-ups' in the application.

The successful applicant is capable to deliver a convincing motivation letter, has strong topical affinity, preferably skills in qualitative methods, and expresses an intent to relate to the SIB colleagues and research interests at the SIB group. Also, the applicant holds a (research) Master level degree, has experience with independent research, demonstrable ability to work independently, manage time and prioritize tasks, and is fluent in English.

For content-related questions and initial expressions of interest, please contact the project lead Professor Koen H. Heimeriks at

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