Kandarp Swarup

MSc Accounting & Finance, 2015-16

Taking the MSc Accounting & Finance was a prerequisite for me to move up the ladder.

It has given me a whole new dimension thinking about accounting and finance, and now I can go into conversations and give an authoritative answer to a question or bring in relevant factors I couldn’t bring in before.

It’s the people who make the programme. I’ve formed deep bonds and friendships made with people from over 30 nationalities.

I chose Warwick because it combines traditionalism and modernism all together and rolls it into a beautiful thing and I’m happy to be part of it..

Shutong Liu

MSc Accounting & Finance, 2017-18

I feel that the programme offers a good combination of accounting and finance modules along with a diverse range of optional elective modules providing the opportunity to deepen your understanding in your chosen field.

I appreciate the opportunity to learn from professors, who show us a totally different perspective to the world of accounting. One inspiring professor has pushed us to reconsider the objective and nature of accounting and reminded us that accounting standards are not the first best choice but the consequence of lobbying and compromise.

The MSc Accounting & Finance programme provides me with the chance to improve myself. A proper balance between study, life and job-finding is the key to maximising the value of the whole programme.

Ang Li (Leon)

MSc Accounting & Finance

I have made a wise choice, WBS has not let me down. I have benefited a lot from high quality lectures, supportive practice of seminars, a mixed form of assessments, the diversity on campus and a variety of learning sources.

The helpful and impressive way of interactive learning in lectures as well as in seminars inspires me a lot. Especially, the accounting modules emphasise the term of ‘critical thinking’ which makes the courses much more interesting and more practical.

The services provided by WBS also help me to find my feet in life at Warwick.  The my.wbs website is really helpful and the new PG study space is nice: it is a good place to start your final exam revision.

What’s more, the careers team provides useful support in respect of  the employment market, improving your CV, and job interviews. These sessions provide guidance on how to write an excellent CV in great detail.

Maxi Obring

MSc Accounting & Finance 2016-17

Understanding the fundamental connection between accounting and finance is the approach taken here at WBS. It is not just about learning concepts; it is about understanding these concepts in the right context.

The key is to understand why accounting is the way it is and critically discuss the implications for finance related topics rather than just learning how to apply a method. The approach WBS uses to explain accounting in the broad context of finance is really inspiring and goes far beyond a technical understanding. It is amazing how much more reflective I can argue about finance and accounting after completing the course.

If you start studying here, you will experience that the course is tough, but it is worth the work. You will really go beyond the simple application of learned concepts and get the knowledge to critically reflect on the current practice in accounting and finance.

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