Eloho Oru

MSc Business with Marketing

I was initially attracted to WBS because of the prestige of the business school, and I can definitely say that it lives up to its name. From my very first day it was clear to see the amount of effort the academics and non-academics put into ensuring that all students have the best quality experience whilst studying at WBS.

The diversity of my classmates, with our unique blend of personalities and nationalities inspires me every day and allows me to expand my knowledge whilst making great friendships with like-minded people. The support from my personal tutors and the CareersPlus team has helped me on this eye-opening journey whilst at WBS, as I aim to pursue a future career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

Ben Son

MSc Business with Marketing

WBS has been a great choice, the well-organised modules provide me with comprehensive knowledge around the key areas of business, accounting, economics and strategy. I am now familiar with business terminologies and concepts giving me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the business world.

For my future career path I would love to find a position in digital and performance marketing and I feel that the modules I am currently studying are highly relatable to this career path. The CareersPlus Team have been a brilliant support in terms of helping me to discover my career path as well as organizing careers events to learn more about the types of jobs available after I graduate.

Athanasios Karavergos

MSc Business (Marketing), 2017-18

Warwick Business School ended up as my first choice after many weeks of researching and comparing business courses all around Europe.

What amazed me the most is the constant help and advice you get from your professors at all times. It is a relief knowing that no matter the difficulties or struggles you might have, there is always someone to help you.

MSc Business with Marketing has given me the extra boost I needed in my career. Being among diverse students everyday makes this experience more unique and interesting. Also important is the fact that you can choose your elective modules in a way that suits you the best. In addition to that, WBS has a well-structured simulation for students that choose Business in Practice at Term 3, which gave me the most intense business experience of my life.


Siddhant Doshi

MSc Business (Marketing)

As WBS is one of the best business schools in the UK it was my first preference and the MSc Business (Marketing) programme perfectly complemented the undergraduate course I had previously completed in India.

One of the advantages to the programme is that it offers a variety of different modules to choose from and there is an alternative option to your dissertation with a Business in Practice route, which makes the course more application-based. There are also extra activities you can get involved in, such as student trips, seminars, guest lectures, and conferences.

Abhiruchi Sharma

MSc Business (Marketing), 2015-16

Having the opportunity to study for a degree in your beloved subject is what brought me to Warwick Business School. The course offers an incredible academic environment with faculty from diverse backgrounds as well as seminars, workshops, industrial visits, career guidance and social events. The degree has helped me contribute towards my overall knowledge pool and share my expertise with my peers.

The course has been a lot of hard work, constantly challenging me but it has also been immense fun. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of a rich rewarding program and a multicultural and dynamic environment at WBS.

Sarah Wazir

MSc Business (Marketing), 2015-16

WBS is one of the top business schools in the world, and this is what attracted me to it. With excellent teaching facilities and students from a variety of fields, I was always surrounded by a motivating learning environment.

MSc Business (Marketing) has given me the opportunity to develop my communication, teamwork, and analytical ability through its variety of modules. The first half of the year gives a good insight into the principles of Business, while the second half is purely Marketing based. The new ‘Business in Practice’ pathway gives you the option to select modules such as ‘Digital Business Strategy and Strategy Design’ – this is something I really enjoyed and think would be useful to someone interested in a career in Marketing. 


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