Konstantinos Bivolaris

MSc Finance

I studied Economics at the University of Aberdeen for my undergraduate degree, and in the course of those studies, I developed a strong interest in Finance. I decided to pursue an MSc in Finance to obtain a deeper understanding of the subject from an academic standpoint.

I really enjoy studying alongside students from different countries with a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and languages. During group projects we were able to work collaboratively, appreciating our own unique differences and how to deal with them, which has been a very educational experience. Being a member of the Warwick Business School Society has helped me to expand my network and meet people who share similar goals to me.

For future students I would advise that preparation is key when starting an MSc programme; establish connections with previous or prospective students to share advice and guidance.

Jing Shao

MSc Finance, 2016 - 17

Studying MSc Finance at WBS is an experience that has not only deepened my financial knowledge, but also increased my employment competition ability.

Professors here give high quality lectures and invite practitioners to give first-hand practical speeches.  Also, pro-theory assignments train my mathematics modelling and software programming ability, and pro-practice assignments expose me to real-time market and investment strategies.

Moreover, the high reputation and quality of WBS makes it on the target school lists of both UK and Chinese companies. The careers service and various elective modules are varied and useful, to suit students with different career goals. 

Yide Song

MSc Finance, 2016 - 17

For me, the most interesting part of this course is to learn and practice a wide range of programming tools, such as MATLAB, Stata and R in different modules. These programming skills helped me to build a solid quantitative background and significantly increased my employability within the financial industry.

WBS also delivers first-class career services. By accessing my.advantage and WBS CareersPlus, I was able to exploit exclusive roles that targeted the business school - I would never have found some of the vacancies by simply job-hunting online. I was also lucky enough to talk to an alumnus who interned at HSBC’s Global Private Bank, and he helped me to secure the same role. 

Matthew Beaumont

Data Analyst, Punter Southall Analytics

I certainly won't forget the enthusiasm the lecturers have for the topics they lead. The passion they have is constantly evident and makes the content more exciting and memorable: a huge benefit in my work so far following my MSc.  

They are passionate about providing freedom to students in the projects they can offer; every single lecturer was interested in new ideas students had and willing to have their preconceptions challenged.

The opportunity to learn highly quantitative Big Data skills, and utilise them for an array of finance studies, including my dissertation, has been particularly invaluable for me.  

The desire to challenge and innovate where possible, instilled in me by WBS, has allowed me to enter a role where I have earned a large amount of trust and responsibility in a short period of time.

Vasileios Perakakis

Senior Associate, Duff & Phelps

The course, the professors, the infrastructures, the student support and the career prospects are absolutely phenomenal. WBS really is the 'birthplace of modern corporate finance'.

I am currently working as an Analyst at one of most reputable Corporate Finance and Valuations companies worldwide and the course has provided me with not only an advanced technical skillset and academic critical thinking but also with all the core values required in order to pursue a successful and fulfilling career in the financial services sector.

Overall, the Msc Finance has been one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in my life and I would highly recommend it to those individuals who hold themselves to high standards.

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