Emilia Persson

MSc International Business

Before coming to Warwick Business School, I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, where I studied Human, Social and Political Sciences – with a particular focus on Politics and International Relations.

I was attracted to WBS partly because of its impressive ranking as one of the best business schools in the UK and Europe. It was important for me to study somewhere that attracts some of the best professors in the field, where there is a clear passion for business. I was then also particularly interested in studying International Business as it was made clear that it was not necessary to have a business-related undergraduate degree, and that actually coming from diverse backgrounds (whether it be in terms of previous academic studies, nationality, gender or anything else) was only seen as a benefit to the programme.

Elias Kokalias

MSc International Business

After finishing my degree, I decided to continue my studies on a master’s level and kick start my career in London. I consider myself a global citizen and I was always dreaming of pursuing an international career. After thorough research I decided that MSc International Business is the most appropriate choice to achieve my goals and so I applied.

Apart from being a worldwide top ranked business school, WBS has much more to offer. From my first day on campus, I realised that I have become part of a community of students, academic staff and other specialists that every day strive to become better, connect and share knowledge with each other. For me, the most enjoyable experience was meeting people from around the world with diverse backgrounds, by working with them on group projects, enjoying our free time in pubs or doing sport activities.

Silvia De Andres Plaza

MSc International Business

I liked the specific course I chose, as it aligned closely to what I wanted to do in the future through the variety of modules it offered, each bringing an in-depth curriculum. The best thing about the programme for me was the variety. I learnt about International Business, Strategy, Marketing and Finance all in the span of one year, giving me a range of skills.

I also vastly enjoyed the people I was surrounded by - though the course is only for a year, I have made friends that will last a lifetime. Lastly, there are some great teachers amongst the staff, all with different ways of thinking and learning which was unlike anything I ever encountered anywhere else. I would say some of the lecturers were the ones who inspired me; they had a very different viewpoint and talked to us about the importance of maintaining one’s values in business and thinking outside the box.

Jatin Suri

MSc International Business

I decided to study MSc International Business at WBS as I wanted to gain practical knowledge to understand how international businesses cope with challenges and how businesses are competing in a global environment.  

One of the best aspects of studying at WBS is the connections that I have built. These contacts will help me in the future in terms of developing my career but also setting up business opportunities worldwide.  

I have had exceptional help from the careers team, they have been very supportive with going through my CV, holding regular workshops to enhance skills and arranging many employer events.

Since studying at WBS, I feel I now stand out from many other students graduating from different universities. 

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