Sharon Wandili

I would describe myself as a go-getter. I enjoy challenging myself to try new things that will continuously make me better in all aspects as an individual. The MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation appealed to me because I was looking for a course that could equip me with technological skills with no prior IT knowledge. My choice of this particular course was greatly influenced by the course content that is relevant to current trends in the digital age.

My favourite elective module was cyber security and this module hugely influenced my interest in wanting to conduct my dissertation research on Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. Another fun part of this module was having a cyber-incident response seminar and training cyber security specialists from WMG.


Jarryd Chen

The best thing about the course was the balance between technical and non-technical learning. Many information systems courses provide applicants with strong technical knowledge with the absence of relevant business acumen, as such applicants can find themselves filled with technical knowledge without fully understanding how each puzzle piece fits into the overall picture.

Additionally, my classmates come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences which provide different perspectives and insights in team collaboration. Furthermore, each module is delivered with the support of visiting staff from external organisations. An example of this is my DBWT (Digital Business and Workplace Technology) module where the final assignment was conducted in conjunction with IBM employees. This provided the cohort with the opportunity to work and learn with employees in the industry.

Angel Chan


I was looking for a course which could offer me practical industry insights as well as academic knowledge about technology management. With WBS’ strong and extensive network with companies in the technology industry, the course is able to invite a lot of industry leaders to give presentations and workshops to students. This allows me to seamlessly integrate the theories I learnt from classes with real life applications. These guest lectures also provided me with great networking opportunities which are beneficial to my future career. 

Another reason this course appealed to me is the elective module about Fintech (Global IT & Finance). Fintech is digitally disrupting the financial industry and this programme is the first in the UK to offer a course related to such topic. I was excited to learn about the latest Fintech developments such as blockchain and open API banking. 

Alex Weir


I was looking for a course that would help a non-technical individual like myself become more technologically savvy, especially with a view to becoming involved in technology management in the future.

The style of teaching on the course encouraged group work and discussion on the drivers behind business innovation, a topic that is also hotly debated in industry. This really improved my background knowledge, and was a big help when it came to applying for a job.

I also developed close friendships with a number of people from around the world, and now have a network spanning four different continents. Working closely with these people really broadened my perspective of different cultures and greatly improved my soft skills.

Teresa Simone


Coming from an undergraduate in Economics with Law, I was trained to study a lot of theoretical and technical subjects. To be more versatile and well prepared for my future career, I wanted to gain practical academic experience, exploring other areas that I had never engaged with before and that are extremely actual nowadays, such as innovation, big data, business intelligence, crowdsourcing, new technologies.

The MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation seemed to be the right choice, given its world-class reputation and the fact that it’s a diverse environment where learning is very much based on group work and development of practical competences and skills, still keeping a good level of theoretical knowledge. Lectures by visiting staff were particularly interesting, as guest speakers were always business people working in top companies and consulting firms who would drive us to think outside the box to solve real problems.

Johannes Fuhrmann

I was attracted to WBS by the course combination of innovation and information systems, as well as the worldwide reputation of Warwick. I was always interested in technology at the workplace and new ways to utilize technology, and wanted to deepen my knowledge on innovation.

The modules on MSc Information Systems Management and Innovation are carefully designed to deliver a comprehensive skillset, and I think the programme excellently prepared me for my later work life – when I got my job following the course, the company explicitly named the course and its content as one of the selling points of my application.   

The most inspiring part of my time at WBS is the feeling of absolute world-class education; it was astonishing to see how close our lecturers work with the global elite.  

Swabra Mutwafy


WBS’s offering of an MSc in Information Systems Management and Innovation attracted me, as I was looking for a course with content that would enable me to develop a higher appreciation for IT within the business setting.

I was also fascinated by how the courses at WBS were Industry-centric. Having the opportunity to sit in lectures conducted by CIOs and other current or previous C-Suite Managers of top companies appealed to me.

The group assignments that the lecturers gave were very interesting and different from the assignments I had done in my undergraduate studies. These included role playing, making videos, and outsourcing a section of our work to a real-life freelancer with an opportunity to manage a budget. 

Shweta Shekhar


I have always been a big believer in achieving more than just great academic results and Warwick provides its students with the best chance of making this happen. The best thing about the programme was the balance between theory and practice, group work and individual assignments, and home lecturers to guest lecturers. Lectures were designed so we would first learn and understand the theory and then apply it as a group to real-life examples, and guest lecturers from renowned organizations shared their experience with us. This format was definitely one of the highlights for me.

I experienced a competitive but healthy attitude amongst students, and it was fun and interesting to learn about the cultures and working dynamics within the group. The most important lesson I've learned is how we create more as a group than as an individual. Each student has a skill they excel at and together we can generate outstanding ideas and results.

Wan-rong Hsieh


The delivery of modules and group work inspired me throughout my studies. The lecturers encouraged students to think independently and critically by asking questions that we needed to find the answers to ourselves, instead of waiting for solutions. This was a very different experience from the education I was used to, which I found inspiring.

The course content consisted of theoretical and practical aspects. The topics were really interesting; we discussed the latest topics and applications in IT, such as Internet of Things, FinTech and Mobile Apps.

The backgrounds of my classmates were very diverse, students came from more than 15 countries. It has been an excellent experience to learn about everyone’s unique identity. Just like reading different books; there is always something new you can learn from.

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