Raghavi Iyengar

MSc Marketing & Strategy, 2018-19

The thing that attracted me to WBS was the course itself. My experience in advertising made me realise how important it is to have a successful marriage between marketing and strategy.

The MSc Marketing and Strategy course at WBS was tailored to my needs. The modules covered were especially attractive and provided a good breadth and depth of the subject and peripheral topics.

To be at Warwick Business School is to set yourself up for challenges. The interesting thing, however, is, even though you are challenged at every stage of the course, there is an equal amount of support given to students to overcome any obstacles you may face. You are given so many opportunities to grow into a rounded individual - be it with societies, extra-curricular activities or even just social events.

Shreaya Bajaj

MSc Marketing & Strategy, 2017-18

WBS presented me with an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge from my prior Business Administration course into the marketing and strategic spheres of business. I was attracted to WBS mainly due to its vibrant and culturally rich academic environment and top-class educational facilities.

Apart from the individual and group coursework, the programme presents an array of opportunities to gain practical knowledge of marketing and strategic functions through the Marketing Insights Series, simulation case studies and numerous workshops. This dual specialisation broadens our ability to understand business nuances from different perspectives. 

Amalia Smpokou

MSc Marketing & Strategy, 2016-17

The high quality of teaching and the opportunity to choose from a broad range of electives was something that really excited me about the course. One of my favourite and most enriching challenges that I faced during my studies were the group projects which taught me not only how to build relationships with individuals from very distinct backgrounds, cultures or countries but also taught me more about my strengths and weaknesses.  

During my studies, I was involved in inspirational discussions with my professors, professors that you can rely on to advise you through your whole academic journey. Additionally, the great concentration of brilliant minds combined with the intellectual activities within the course provided me with powerful weapons to enter today’s competitive business world.

Pieris Pieras

MSc Marketing & Strategy, 2015-16

I come from Cyprus and moved to the UK 5 years ago. I studied an MSc in Marketing & Strategy and currently I am working for Amazon as an Area Manager.

What attracted me to WBS was the programme itself. I wanted a combination of the two subjects, Marketing and Strategy, and WBS was the only university offering this combination.

The best thing about the programme was the people I met. This includes my classmates from all over the world, but also the staff that were very friendly and ready to help with anything. Their passion for the subjects made me work even harder to achieve better results.

My top tip is to work consistently during the year and make sure you keep up with the course readings. That said, make as many friends as possible from this very diverse course, go out as much as possible and generally have fun.

Yijie Hou

MSc Marketing & Strategy, 2015-16

WBS has given me a good opportunity to broaden my horizons and explore the frontiers of crucial business theories.

The lecturers on the programme are fantastic. They taught me how to think independently and critically and how to make tough decisions in business, using vivid case studies and the lecturers’ wisdom and experiences. Another important skill I learned from the lecturers is looking at business issues in dynamic ways, which I think is crucial for today`s high velocity business environment.

Additionally, the group work in the programme provided me the chance to work with classmates from different cultures. This has prepared me well to work in multicultural environments.

Agneh Raj Sikka

MSc Marketing & Strategy, 2015-16

I was attracted to WBS because of the brand image that the school upholds in an amazing way, and from what I researched, it made sense to come to WBS for personal and professional development.

The best thing about the programme is the number of extra module choices that were given to us; it becomes impossible for you to not find something to your interest. All the lecturers are great, they are all very proactive and knowledgeable.

I was also inspired by my peers; the quality of the students that come to WBS is excellent and you are always inspired to put in 100%.

I was a part of the Photography Society, Cobalt, and the Warwick Business School Society. The biggest benefit of joining a society is that of meeting new people and making new friends who have similar interests as you do. It is great for personal development and gives you a lot confidence.

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