Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management (QTEM) is an international network bringing together outstanding students, international corporations, and high performing academic partners from across Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Students accepted onto the QTEM Masters Network Program will study at their choice of either one or two of the QTEM Masters Network academic partners, alongside completing an internship and a collaborative, student-led Global Business Analytics Challenge. The learning offered by the QTEM Masters Network Program will ensure that students develop their skills in analytical and quantitative techniques, with a view to being able to use those skills to support decision-making in international contexts. An overview of the QTEM Program can be found on YouTube.

Programme structure

Students will begin their QTEM Masters Network Program in the September after completing their Warwick Masters. You will be required to complete either one or two semesters at one of the QTEM International Academic Partners, as well as an internship of at least 240 hours, and the QTEM Global Business Analytics Challenge. You must complete the study and internship parts of the programme in at least two countries other than the UK. This means that, should you decide to undertake two semesters of study plus an internship, the two study periods would count as your international elements, and you could undertake your internship in the UK.

In the selection of your Academic Partners, you must complete a set number of credits in one of the following QTEM Module areas:

  • Finance and Risk Management
  • Applied Economics and Public Policy
  • Innovation and Strategy
  • Marketing and Supply Chain
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data

The modules offered by the different Academic Partners, as well as the dates for the study semester(s), can vary from school to school – an indicative calendar of Academic Partner semesters can be found here.

Regarding the internship, you will be expected to find your own placement. The QTEM Masters Network makes its best effort, with the resources available at each member university, to help students in their search, but it is not the responsibility of QTEM to provide or find internships for students. The QTEM Masters Network has a number of corporate partners who submit internships, but not enough for all QTEM students.

The QTEM Global Business Analytics Challenge is undertaken remotely and online and can be done alongside your exchange or internship. Students should expect to spend roughly 150 hours completing the Global Business Analytics Challenge, and should be aware that it currently runs twice a year (March-May, and October-December). A short explanatory video can be found on YouTube.

Below are two indicative pathway suggestions:

Example 1:

  • Sept-Jan – Study exchange (overseas)
  • March-May – Internship (overseas) + QTEM Global Business Analytics Challenge (online)

Example 2:

  • Sept-Jan – Study exchange 1 (overseas) + QTEM Global Business Analytics Challenge (online)
  • Feb-May – Study exchange 2 (overseas)
  • June-August – Internship (UK)
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