MSc Strategic Leadership & Innovation in Healthcare

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Our programme is delivered entirely through our in-house bespoke distance learning platform, my.wbs, providing you with maximum flexibility. As well as access to rich multimedia learning resources and live online sessions with leading members of faculty, my.wbs also enables you to interact with your peers and academic tutors in a supportive, online learning environment.

You will study seven modules of equal weighting:

  • Strategic leadership in healthcare innovation
  • Managing patient safety and involvement
  • Knowledge and knowledge translation in healthcare Systems
  • Organisational innovation in healthcare
  • Digital healthcare strategy
  • Mobilising resources and incentives for healthcare innovation
  • Research appraisal and project planning


The modules are taken in a set order and typically, one module will span a 17 week period, culminating in the submission of your assignment. As a guide, you can expect to spend approximately 11 hours studying each week.

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Innovation Project
Your final Innovation Project, focused on a real-life improvement or innovation, will bring together all of the themes you have covered throughout the programme. The project will be assessed through submission of a protocol, a recorded presentation, and a written submission using the format of a relevant journal as the basis for structuring the report.

Compulsory Modules

Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Innovation
  • You will expand your understanding of current health strategy and leadership challenges for improving healthcare delivery.
  • You will learn about the fundamental concepts and theories that will enable you to focus on the issues relevant for healthcare innovation around the globe.
Managing Patient Safety & Involvement
  • Drawing on experts and case studies from around the world, you will investigate the complexity of healthcare services and the safety challenges that this complexity poses for clinicians, patients, managers and policy makers.
Knowledge & Knowledge Translation in Healthcare Systems
  • Here we directly address the common problem in many healthcare systems of translating evidence from research into clinical practice.
  • You will develop a holistic and integrated perspective of knowledge translation concepts, knowledge translation models and practice through access to latest research in knowledge translation.
Organisational Innovation in Healthcare
  • You will gain an insight into the practicalities of engaging with innovations at different levels to develop an understanding of the limitations and barriers of organisational innovation within a healthcare context as well as develop insights into the ‘how’ of implementation.
Digital Healthcare Strategy
  • You will explore theories, concepts and research findings, to broaden your understanding of the growing significance in digital innovation in healthcare.
  • Based on these theories, findings and concepts, you will develop actionable insights into the challenges and opportunities involved in digitalising and improving healthcare.
Mobilising Resources & Incentives for Healthcare Innovation
  • You will gain a systematic understanding of relevant knowledge about financial and resource management and its relevance to healthcare innovation.
  • Investigate ideas from behavioural economics, an emerging academic discipline that makes more realistic assumptions about the psychology of economic agents.
Research Appreciation & Project Planning
  • Through the study of evidence based practice, finding and critical appraisal of evidence, appreciation of research design, ethics and methods to design and implement a project, you will develop the expertise to be able to design and implement improvement and innovation projects.

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