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10 November 2020

“FinTech in Credit Markets: Efficiency and Potential Risks”

Free Event • Registration Required

In this interactive session, led by Kebin Ma, we will discuss why FinTech has become a buzzword in the financial industry.

As the financial industry's landscape continually changes, the ever-quickening development in information technology has led to an unprecedented wave of entries of non-bank institutions. 

With the help of alternative technologies, FinTech firms have begun to challenge the traditional banks' role in financial services, from payment service to the provision of credits. This taster session aims to provide an overview of this development, with some focus on credit markets. We will discuss the scope and the drives of FinTech, its efficiencies, potential risks, as well as its relationship with traditional banking.

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// With

Kebin Ma 

// Where

Online via wbsLive

// When

Tuesday 10 November 2020, 18:00 - 19:00

// Contact
024 765 50265

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