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The Warwick Executive Diploma
in Organisational Change

How ready are you to be an agent of change for your organisation now, and in the future?

The shifting competitive and regulatory landscape in which organisations are operating means that a reliance on just one model of change is no longer enough.

For organisations to survive and thrive in dynamic contexts leaders and senior executives need to be ready to engage with the full spectrum of change strategies, from incremental change to organisational transformation, as well as the development of new cultures of agility and responsiveness.

The Executive Diploma in Organisational Change provides this comprehensive view, led by experts in organisational strategy, behaviour and leadership, to allow participants to craft the tailored strategies that are needed in environments where the pace of change is increasing.

Start date: 22 April 2020. Apply here.
Duration: One year part-time (four four-day modules)
Location: WBS London, The Shard
Scholarships: View our scholarship information

Executive Diploma Open Evening
Join our Executive Diploma Open Evening on Thursday 23 January at The Shard, for the opportunity to meet WBS faculty, chat to current course participants and join a taster lecture. 

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