Innovation & Corporate Entrepreneurship


Over three distinct days you will learn both theory and practice, while working on your personal innovation initiatives.

How you learn on the course will inform how you create specific outcomes for your organisation, and will include:

  • Cutting-edge case studies
  • Immersive interactive tools
  • Peer-to-peer discussions

Day 1:

  • Understanding the sources and consequences of creative destruction (live lecture)
  • Examining your organisation’s entrepreneurial orientation (interactive tool)
  • Linking entrepreneurial orientation to organisational performance (live lecture)
  • Exploring the innovation value chain (Live lecture and interactive tool)
  • Case study discussion: Innovation and sustainability in a former state-owned enterprise
  • Case study discussion: Systematic innovation processes work, including city government
  • Developing an innovation strategy (live lecture)
  • Exploring ambidexterity (live lecture and interactive tool).

Day 2:

  • Why is this so difficult? The dominant logics, innovator’s dilemma, and the winner’s curse (live lecture)
  • Case study discussion: Emerging business opportunities at IBM
  • Prioritising and developing innovative opportunities (simulation exercise)
  • Business models, lean startup process (live lecture).

Day 3:

  • Exploring Creativity and design thinking (live lecture)
  • Stimulating innovative employee behaviours in organisations (live lecture)
  • Assessing the environment for intrapreneurship (interactive tool)
  • Case study discussion: Haier purpose – creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem approach
  • Case study discussion: W.L. Gore & Associates – an entrepreneurial culture
  • Culture for corporate entrepreneurship (live lecture)
  • Performing a culture audit (interactive tool).

Please note this is an indicative structure and subject to change.

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