WBS Yacht Club at No 1 in Global MBA Sailing League

Archived Article • 10 May 2011 • News from alumni

WBS Yacht Club winners

The sun glistened on the clear blue South Aegean Sea as once again boats representing the world's top business schools entered into another season of competition. The first regatta for 2011 found the WBS Yacht club team on the Greek World Heritage island of Rhodes for the Global MBA Trophy organised by London Business School.

The WBS team came into this regatta as competitive as always but with the added incentive that a strong finish would elevate them above London Business School to take pole position in the MBA sailing league for the first time ever in the history of our sailing club.

The WBS Yacht club has continued its strong growth since its formal inception in 2008. It's a club that welcomes members from every variant of the Warwick MBA, and the wider WBS alumni association, to compete in regattas every year against other top business schools.

The WBS team in Greece varied from the highly experienced to more novice sailors, a comfortable norm with the club's teams, as new members regularly join to experience the thrill of yacht racing and to meet new friends from their alma mater and other leading business schools.


The weather on the picturesque island was perfect for racing with brilliant sunshine and strong winds. The first day of competition was eventful with a number of tight finishes. Indeed the protest committee quickly became busy dealing with various incidents from the fiercely contested series of races. The WBS team adapted well to the conditions and finished the day in sixth position. The second day's conditions proved a little more difficult for the WBS team but they still managed to improve their position and take fifth position overall in the Global MBA Trophy.

The award ceremony was held in the magnificent Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of St John in the ancient citadel of Rhodes. The Chicago Booth sailing team were presented with the overall winner's trophy in a ceremony attended by the Governor of the Dodecanese region and the local member of the Greek parliament. More importantly, the fifth position achieved by the WBS team ensured that WBS is now the number one ranked business school in the global MBA sailing league.

The WBS team now turn their attention to the next regatta in the Solent off Portsmouth organised by the Cranfield School of Management where the WBS team hope they can challenge for the title and consolidate their position at the top of the sailing league!

The WBS yacht club is always interested in new members so if any current MBA students or Alumni are interested in joining the WBS yacht club please contact the Commodore, Chris Best or join us on our Facebook page.

WBS Global MBA Trophy Team 2011: Skipper: Chris Best (DLMBA 1996-2001) Crew: Ronan Morrissey (FTMBA 2010) ; Barry McFarlane (Exec MBA 2007-2010); Kazmira Smarzo (FTMBA 2009); Mike Blanche (FTMBA 2009); Jasbir Sembhi (DLMBA 2009 - present)


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