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Archived Article • 15 March 2012 • Feature

Whether in the classroom or taking part in competitions, the talent of students at WBS shines through. In this feature, we report on successes which reflect both academic excellence and creative innovative thinking beyond the classroom.

In the classroom

Undergraduates . . .

Front row: Rhianne Schipper, Fei Qui, Giedrius SatkauskasThe Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) kindly supports academic excellence among WBS undergraduates by giving prizes for top performance in the modules Finance 1 and Finance 2. Dr Alex Stremme and Dr Chendi Zhang, who teach these modules, recently welcomed to campus James Lockyer, the ACT's Director of Education & International Development, who presented a cheque and certificate to winning students.

The prize-giving was in front of an audience of undergraduates and faculty involved in teaching WBS undergraduates, and afterwards, James Lockyer gave a guest lecture and presentation.

Winning students were:

  • Fei Qui, for Best Overall Performance. Fei also received a further prize for Best Performing Student on Finance 1.
  • Giedrius Satkauskas, for Best Performing Student on Finance 2.
  • Rhianne Schipper, for Best Aggregate Performance in both modules.

Dr Alex Stremme emphasised that many students had performed excellently and were very close to the winners in terms of achievement and overall marks. The presentation of prizes can be viewed on this short YouTube video through this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4lhqC9J3mg

Postgraduates . . .

Pinnacle ConsultingProcess simulation modelling software firm The Lanner Group are regular and welcome supporters of the Masters courses and students of this subject at Warwick Business School. The Analytical Consulting module takes students through the life cycle of exploring how to structure problem situations, and formulate, test, and validate models to produce recommendations.

JDA ConsultingGeoff Hook of the Lanner Group presented prizes of an Amazon voucher and certificate, kindly donated by Lanner, to the joint winning groups, while three groups tied for runner-up place and received a certificate.

The two winning groups were:

  • JDA Consulting - Anand Bhatia, Jamie Clery, Alexander Haussmann, Devan Shah, and Darayus Vakil,
  • Pinnacle Consulting - Andrew Hughes, Neha Jain, Elaine Cline, Arushi Lohia, and Anam Tamiour.

The runner-up groups were Green Capital Consulting, SMART Consulting, and Solutions Unlimited.

Competition success

WBS participants Emma Haraldsson, Philip Bradonjic, and Aino KivinenThe Solvay Business Game, the biggest European student competition run by students, took place earlier this month.

Seventy teams of undergraduates took part, four of them from WBS. The game takes the form of five challenges in different activities - Online, Strategy, Negotiation, Marketing, and Eloquence.
Three of the four WBS teams won placings:

  • Emma Haraldsson and Aino Kivinen, both in their third year of BSc Management, came out in first place for the Online Challenge, sponsored by SNCB Holding. This team were placed 10th in the competition overall.
  • Elloit Andersson, second year of BSc Management, together with team member from a Belgian university, was placed second in the Negotiation Challenge, sponsored by BDO.
  • Philip Bradonjic and Kasper Kotilainen, both 3rd year BSc Management, were placed fourth in the Eloquence Challenge, sponsored by McKinsey.
Innovation success

BSc Engineering & Business Studies third year student Robert Stribley found success in the Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2011 (IWC). This is an international competition seeking to discover the next mass market products using the latest Bluetooth technology.

Robert's entry achieved runner-up placing in the 'Automotive, Entertainment, and Other product' category. Called Forget-Me-Not or FMN, and at concept stage at present, it aims to prevent the loss of an object important to its owner. Robert comments, "I am looking to take it forward after finishing at Warwick, and I am currently preparing a business plan at the moment for investment."

Congratulations to all.


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