Academic and PhD Research Consultancy

We are committed to working with private and public sector partners, as we strive to create a better society through leadership in business education, research and engagement.

We produce world-class, cutting edge research that shapes the way organisations operate and businesses are led and managed. We address global issues at the interface of public policy, productivity and economic prosperity, international development and business, strategic development and social equality.

Our research is organised into subject areas and our faculty comprises around 200 members. Many are also members of a series of Networks and Centres established here including:

  • The Applied & Organisation Psychology Research Network
  • The Enterprise Research Centre (ERC)
  • The Global Energy Research Network
  • The Industrial Relations Research Unit (IRRU)
  • The Innovation, Knowledge & Organisational Networks Research Unit (IKON)
  • The Organising Healthcare Research Network (OHRN)

Our faculty have generated impactful research and have extensive links with government, businesses, public sector organisations, practitioners and leading higher education institutions from all over the world. We are eager to engage with external organisations particularly where we can generate intellectual and practical outputs with real-world and academic impact. Specific areas of interest include:

  • Behavioural Science
  • Big Data
  • Employment/Industrial Relations
  • Enterprise and Economic Growth
  • Finance
  • Global Energy
  • Global Governance
  • Healthcare Management
  • Innovation

Find out how you can engage with our academic and PhD research through joint bids for funding, commissioning research, accessing existing projects or by being connected with an expert by using the 'Contact Us' button above. If you are interested in MBA or Masters student projects go to student projects.

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