Innovation, Knowledge & Organisational Networks Research Unit

The Innovation, Knowledge and Organisational Networks research unit (IKON) was established in 1997 to advance understanding of the interactions between innovation, knowledge and networks - primarily from an organisational theory perspective. Our research emphasises a critical understanding of the social aspects of innovation, change, knowledge management and interfirm relations thereby complementing the often technologically focused research that dominates these fields.

Our members help develop the social science of innovation by applying theoretical perspectives from social and organization theory to team-based empirical studies of the creation, translation and adoption of technological and organizational innovations.

Key research themes

  • Knowledge exploitation, integration and interactive innovation processes
  • Networking and innovation
  • Knowledge and learning in project work
  • Managing knowledge and organisational learning in project-based settings
  • Knowledge Management and innovation
  • Managing knowledge work

Key projects

  • Improving the capabilities of NHS organisations to use evidence: A Process Model

  • NHS Top Managers, Knowledge Exchange and Leadership: The Early Development of Academic Health Science Networks

  • Evidence in Management Decisions: Advancing Knowledge Utilization in Healthcare Management
  • Networked Innovation in the Health Sector (NIHS): Comparative Evaluation of the Role of Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC)
  • The Organisational Practices of Knowledge Mobilisation at Top Manager Level in the NHS

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