Network on Marketing, Innovation and the Chinese and Emerging Economies (MICEE)

The Research Network on Marketing, Innovation and the Chinese and Emerging Economies (MICEE) is directed by its founder, Qing Wang, Professor of Marketing and Innovation.

It explores key issues at the interface of marketing and innovation, in the context of emerging and fast-growing economies like China, India, Brazil and Russia. It engages academics, businesses, and policymakers in the various activities from research idea generation, funding support, research dissemination to provision of advisory and consultancy services for companies and governments.

Technological innovations with strong market orientation are an important source of growth for firms and economies worldwide. Firms at the leading edge of innovation tend to dominate world markets and promote the international competitiveness of their home economy.

It is recognised that emerging and fast growing economies like China have so far relied mostly on their cost advantages and abundance of human resources, instead of sophisticated technological and marketing skills and capabilities. However, different emerging economies also have their unique strengths and weaknesses due to their specific historical, political and cultural characteristics. Even within a country, regional and cultural differences have to be understood if businesses can survive and prosper. Yet, most existing studies on firms' innovation and marketing capabilities have been conducted in the western context. Only limited studies have addressed innovation capabilities of firms in emerging economies such as China and India, which have played a pivotal role in the world economy. Even fewer studies have linked firms' technological capabilities with marketing capabilities to understand their impact on sustainable development of businesses in these countries and the sustainable economic growth of the countries they are based in.

Our aims

  • provide analyses on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges facing emerging economies, particularly China, India, Brazil and Russia
  • investigate contextual and country specific factors that influence firms' marketing and innovation capabilities in these economies
  • explore and establish key issues in this field through themed workshops, conferences and forums
  • seek funding support and collaboration from national, international and industrial sources to conduct empirical and applied research on these issues
  • provide advisory and consultancy services on specific issues relevant to businesses and governments operating in these economies

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