Operations Management

The Operations Management group is the largest group of Operations Management faculty in the UK. We focus on the design, planning, control and improvement of operations in both manufacturing and service, private and public sectors. We are known for our high quality teaching and research and have developed effective partnerships with many local and international organisations.  

Our research falls within five broad streams.

Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement
Innovation in lean and agile operations in both private and public sector organisations in the UK, Brazil and China, and the nature and tools of continuous improvement.

Service Excellence
Complaint management, operationalising the service concept, service design and innovation, business-to-business relationships, and the 'servitisation' of manufacturing.

Supply Chain Management
E-procurement systems, the intellectual structure of supply chains, and improving productivity through knowledge transfer in supply chains.

Performance Management
Understanding performance drivers, the service profit chain, organisational performance measurement and management, organisational gaming, and implementation of award schemes.

Health Service Management
The application of advanced OM practices in health care, capacity management in emergency care, design of healthcare services, managing patient expectations and perceptions, and staff scheduling.

Head of Group Dr Mark Johnson

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