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WBS Create delivers bespoke workshop teaching and interactive lectures which encourage social and creative approaches to complex problem solving, innovation, and the development of interpersonal competences and skills. We use a wide range of drama, theatre, design, visual and digital art and other creative techniques to encourage embodied learning, risk taking, future-scoping, experimentation, and the development of the art of making informed decisions in professional contexts. We aim to produce world-class, socially responsible, creative leaders and managers who think on a global scale, regardless of the size of their organisation. Our mission is to work closely with both academic and administrative staff to develop tailor made creative interventions both in the curriculum and the wider life of WBS.

  • We deliver a number of highly interactive undergraduate modules that have employability, criticality and personal development at their core.
  • We work with faculty to bring a range of active teaching approaches into the classroom and lecture theatre, encouraging creative exchanges across the curriculum.
  • We manage the WBS Create Space as an open studio for developing teaching and learning, research and digital innovations.
  • We are home to the WBS Student Ensemble which manages and performs an annual WBS Shakespeare performance.
  • We also deliver the WBS Academic Writing Programme.
  • We work with external clients including businesses and other public and commercial organisations. Key partners include the Creative Industries Federation, Nesta, Royal Society of Arts, and the Design Council.
  • We host the Warwick Creative Exchange, a network bringing together Warwick academics and West Midlands cultural organisations to identify and encourage interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchanges.
  • We work co-ordinate the research programme for Coventry City of Culture 2021.

Head of Group: Professor Jonothan Neelands

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We also have a doctoral student who contributes to Performance-based teaching: WBS Shakespeare Scholar: Lali Dangazele




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