Medha Khurana
MSc Business Analytics, (2021 - 2022)

It is extremely important to set your expectations right before starting your Masters degree at WBS. Make sure you look at the curriculum and the course structure thoroughly before starting the course.

The MSc courses at WBS are generally quite rigorous. Reach out to the current students of the course you opted for beforehand to learn about the prerequisites of the course, gain better insights into the electives offered, exchange program opportunities and the best time to apply for jobs.

Enjoy the journey more than the destination. Embrace the challenges that come along your way, get out of your comfort zone, discover your strengths, build lifelong connections, focus on the knowledge and skills you are developing and always try to look at the bigger picture when feeling lost on the way. A combination of hard work, patience, and consistency would work as the magic ingredients for a successful year at WBS