Maple Chau
Consulting Associate, PwC
BSc Management (2015 – 2018)

WBS has excellent teaching staff and facilities, which makes it a great place for students who are aiming to pursue a career in the field of business. There is a wide range of modules available so you can tailor your course according to your interests. Apart from lectures, most modules are also delivered through seminars, which facilitates small group discussions. Moreover, it is compulsory for students to participate in several group projects, which help to improve our communication and team-working skills. 

Apart from your academic studies, WBS and the University of Warwick also provide great careers support. There are several career fairs and different employer presentations throughout the year so that students can gain a deeper understanding of specific sectors or companies. In addition to this students can take advantage of mock interviews and mock assessment centres to help prepare for internship or graduate roles. The team also conduct CV and cover letter checks. By using their services, I successfully secured a KPMG spring week and HSBC summer internship. 

Clubs and societies are another significant part of university life, particularly at Warwick. I am currently an executive member of the Warwick Emerging Market Society, Warwick Management Society and a WBS ambassador. This provides me with a great opportunity for me to meet different people and build up my professional and personal network. Most importantly, it is a good way for me to build on my interpersonal skills which are definitely essential for any future career.