Recruit our top talent

Recruit our top talent

WBS is for the Change Makers. A Change Maker thinks beyond themselves and their environment; they’re open to other viewpoints and they consider the ripple effect of what they do on a personal, social, and commercial level. 

Our students are restless to change the world and want to use business as a power for good.  We foster and encourage an environment where new ideas can flourish, the status quo can be challenged and where it’s not about always being right, but about doing things the right way.

We can help you to recruit our students globally, for undergraduate work experience (including spring weeks and insight programmes), undergraduate placement years and internships, graduate programmes and entry positions, MBA Leadership Programmes, experienced hire positions and MBA/MSc consultancy projects. 

To speak to our Employer Relations team about how we could work with you, please email

Engaging our talented students

Our Employer Relations team will work with you to develop new and innovative ways of engaging with our students. Complementing this, our CareersPlus coaching team works closely with our students to fully prepare them for engaging with employers, from helping with CVs and applications, to assessment centres, interviews and employment offers.

Building your brand amongst our student community

Hosting webinars or engaging face-to-face throughout the academic year are effective ways of building your brand amongst our diverse student community. You could deliver an employer insights session, coffee chats or webinars, attend one of our virtual or in person placement or internship events, or arrange a networking or talent sourcing session for your organisation. Any event organisation, promotion and attendance is free of charge for employers.

Engagement events and job opportunities will be promoted via our online vacancy platforms, social media channels exclusive to WBS students, and our weekly careers eNewsletters during term time, upon request.

Employer treks are another great way to engage with our students on your premises. These provide students with a real insight into your company, enabling you to present your organisation, staff, culture, and employment opportunities, helping to encourage our students to choose your company for their future careers.

Undergraduate and Masters recruitment 

Warwick is in the top 10 most targeted Universities by leading employers, for good reason (The Graduate Market Report 2021).  Our undergraduate degrees include a range of elective modules such as HR, marketing, logistics, digital innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, law, and customer service management, meaning our students are interested in a wide variety of business functions and are ready to make a difference to your organisation.

Engaging an undergraduate student on a placement year or internship can be an excellent starting route when considering your talent pipeline and filling your graduate level positions. 

Please download our Undergraduate Placement Year and Work Experience Services brochure to find out more information. 

Our portfolio of postgraduate courses has been designed for the Change Makers of the future. From taking first steps into business, to enhancing financial acumen, or tackling a specialist area of management, the teaching excellence and career preparation that we offer enables all our students to quickly make a positive impact in your organisation.

To advertise your placement opportunities and speak to our dedicated placements team please contact

MBA and experienced hire recruitment

If you are interested in recruiting our more experienced students, online talent books have been created for our Full Time MBA students and Executive MBA students. Exploring these talent books is a great way to identify students for your MBA Graduate Programmes or experienced hire opportunities.

Student consultancy projects 

WBS offers specialist MSc and MBA group and individual projects to students as part of their curriculum. Consultancy projects can provide your organisation with targeted and practical solutions to current business issues.

MBA LeadershipPlus

Groups of six to eight Full-time MBA students undertake projects from January to March each year as part of their LeadershipPlus module at WBS. Previous clients range from large corporates, to locally-based SMEs, charities or not-for-profit/social enterprises. These projects provide you with insights and recommendations into relevant business issues without incurring MBA-level consultancy fees.

We welcome project briefs from September to December. Please contact us to find out more information regarding the LeadershipPlus projects.

MBA and specialist MSc - individual consultancy projects

Individual MBA or specialist MSc students, equipped with the latest theories and practice, can work with you during the summer months as part of their dissertation module. We welcome the submission of project briefs until late February each academic year. We will work with you to define the scope and desired deliverables of your project, advertise it and help you to recruit the right student. Projects are also ideal to test a candidate's suitability for a permanent position with your organisation.

The deadlines to submit a project brief for summer 2022 are:

  • For MSc students - 11 February 2022
  • For MBAs students - 18 March 2022

Submit your project brief here.

Please submit one brief for each project. For questions or to speak to one of the Employer Relations Team, please email

Companies that have provided consultancy projects include:

  • Alphasights
  • Barclays Bank PLC
  • Baxi Heating UK Limited
  • Black Valley 
  • Bottomline Technologies
  • carbonTRACK Energy
  • CGI  
  • Deloitte LLP (UK)
  • GE Healthcare
  • Global Vehicle Trust
  • Hinckley & Rugby Building Society  
  • IBM  
  • Jaguar Land Rover   
  • Microsoft  
  • SAP South Africa  
  • Sustainable Shipping Initiative  
  • Unipart  
  • Williams F1.