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Professor Paul Marginson

Professor of Industrial Relations

Research Interests

Europeanisation of industrial relations; multinational companies and industrial relations; European Works Councils; collective bargaining innovations.

Teaching in 2013-2014

Industrial Relations & Managing Human Resources

  • IB96J0 Understanding & Researching Employment Relations
  • IB96L0 Comparative Employment Relations

International Employment Relations

  • IB96R0 Transnational Employment Relations

Management and Organizational Analysis

  • IB96W0 Globalization, Governance & Restructuring of Firms


  • IB3E00 Comparative European Employment Relations
  • IB3E10 International and European Employment Relations

Industrial Relations Research Unit, Organisation & HRM

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 24272


Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Industrial Relations at Warwick from 1990 - 1995; then Professor of HRM and Employment Relations at University of Leeds, 1996-1998. Current links with European Commission, European Foundation for Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Acas, BERR, CBI, Engineering Employers Federation and TUC.

Recent Publications [all...]

Journal Articles

  • Meardi, Guglielmo; Marginson, Paul. "Global labour governance: Potential and limits of an emerging perspective"
    Work, Employment And Society 28 (2014)
  • Galetto, Manuela; Marginson, Paul; Spieser, Catherine. "Collective bargaining and reforms to hospital healthcare provision"
    European Journal of Industrial Relations 20 (2014)
  • Marginson, Paul; Keune, Maarten; Bohle, Dorothee. "Negotiating the effects of uncertainty? The governance capacity of collective bargaining under pressure"
    Transfer 20 (2014)
  • Keune, Maarten and Marginson, Paul. "Transnational industrial relations as multi-level governance"
    British Journal Of Industrial Relations 51 (2013)
  • Edwards, Tony; Marginson, Paul and Ferner, Anthony. "Multinationals in cross-country context: intergration, differentiation and interaction between MNCs and nation states"
    Industrial and Labor Relations Review 66 (2013): 547-587.
  • Marginson, Paul; Lavelle, Jonathan; Quintanilla, Javier; Adam, Duncan and Sanchez, Rocio. "Variations in approaches to European Works Councils in multinational companies"
    Industrial and Labor Relations Review 66 (2013): 618-644.
  • Lamare, J Ryan; Gunnigle, Patrick; Marginson, Paul and Murray, Gregor. "Union status and double breasting at multinational companies in three liberal market economies"
    Industrial and Labor Relations Review 66 (2013): 696-722.
  • Marginson, Paul. "(Re)assessing the shifting contours of Britain’s collective industrial relations"
    Industrial Relations Journal 43 (2012): 332-347.
  • Mohrenweiser, Jens; Marginson, Paul & Backes-Gellner, Uschi. "What Triggers the Establishment of a Works Council?"
    Economic and Industrial Democracy 33 (2012): 295-316.
  • Glassner V., Keune M. and Marginson P.. "Collective bargaining in a time of crisis"
    Transfer 17 (2011): 303-321.
  • Arrowsmith, J. & Marginson, P.. "Variable pay and collective bargaining in British retail banking"
    British Journal Of Industrial Relations 49 (2011): 54-79.
  • Ferner, A.,Tregaskis, O., Edwards, P.K., Edwards, T. & Marginson, P.. "HRM structures and subsidiary discretion in multinationals"
    International Journal Of Human Resource Management 22 (2011)
  • Edwards, T., Edwards, P., Ferner, A., Marginson, P., and Tregaskis, O.. "Multinational companies and the diffusion of employment practices from outside the country of origin Explaining variation across firms"
    Management International Review 50 (2010): 613-634.
  • Arrowsmith, J. and Marginson, P.. "The decline of incentive pay in British manufacturing"
    Industrial Relations Journal 41 (2010): 289-311.
  • Tregaskis, O., Edwards, T., Edwards, P., Ferner, A. and Marginson, P.. "Transnational learning structures in multinational firms: organizational context and national embeddedness"
    Human Relations 63 (2010): 471-499.
  • Marginson, P.. "New forms of cooperation, new forms of conflict"
    Socio-Economic Review 8 (2010): 341-376.
  • Marginson, P., Edwards, P., Edwards, T., Ferner, A. and Tregaskis, O.. "Employee representation and consultative voice in multinational companies operating in Britain"
    British Journal Of Industrial Relations 48 (2010): 151-180.
  • Meardi, G., Marginson, P., Fichter, M., Frybes, M., Stanojevic, M. and Toth, A.. "Varieties of multinationals: adapting employment practices in Central Eastern Europe"
    Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society 48 (2009): 489-511.

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