Executive Education: Study while you work

We believe the best and most motivated staff are engaged in a process of continuous development. There’s always something new to learn, a new way of doing or seeing things.

But not everyone can commit to a three-year qualification, like the Warwick MBA or our one year postgraduate qualifications.

That’s why we offer some shorter qualifications, some of which can also carry you through to further study with us.

Shorter accredited courses
If you have a thirst for knowledge, you might like to consider a course you can study while you work.

The courses listed here will lead to an accredited qualification from the University of Warwick, but we also run short booster courses open to anyone. See our  Executive Education section for more information on those.

Match funding
GrowthAccelerator SME members may be able to access up to £2000 of match funding to attend these programmes.

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MSc Finance: Gary Ewen describes his time on the MSc Finance at WBS. He discusses the programme, the flexible electives, his real world placement and the job he is going onto.

MSc Finance with Behavioural Science: Nataliia Lipikhina describes the study programme on MSc Finance with Behavioural Science and provides an overview of the dissertation process and the careers support available.

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