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Dr Chengwei Liu

Associate Professor of Strategy and Behavioural Science

Research Interests

Chengwei studies behavioural strategy and the role of luck in management and entrepreneurship. His papers were published in management journals (e.g., Organization Science; Academy of Management Annals); interdisciplinary journals (e.g., PNAS; Behavioral and Brain Sciences); and practitioner journals (e.g., California Management Review; Harvard Business Manager).

In an executive course on strategy and entrepreneurship Chengwei develops, he translates his research on behavioural strategy as (a) "arbitraging" competitors' biases (with the cases of Moneyball and the Big Short); and (b) "nudging" employees for improving decisions (with the cases of UK healthcare industry and a Silicon Valley venture capital DFJ).

For more information, please visit Chengwei's personal website.
Chengwei's personal website

Teaching in 2017-2018

Distance Learning MBA
  • IB817I: Strategic Advantage (Boston)
Evening Executive MBA (London)
  • IB9S9N: Strategic Advantage
Executive MBA
  • IB9AP0: Behavioural Sciences for the Manager
  • IB9S90: Strategic Advantage
Executive MBA (London)
  • IB9APL: Behavioural Sciences for the Manager
  • IB9S9L: Strategic Advantage
MSc Business
  • IB9BA0: Quantitative Methods for Business
Postgraduate Research Business and Management
  • IB9EK0: Advanced Issues in Strategy and International Business

Behavioural Science Group, Strategy & International Business

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 22087  /  Room: 2.223


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Download Chengwei's published papers here

Chengwei Liu is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School, UK. He is a Cambridge trained PhD who held fellowship position in Jesus College Oxford and visiting positions at the Stern and the Wharton School. Chengwei's research on luck and behavioural strategy have won several awards and are published in management and interdisciplinary journals such as Organization Science, Academy of Management Annals and PNAS, which enabled media coverage worldwide, including New York Times, Financial Times, and BBC. He also won multiple research grants and teaching awards.

In 2016, Chengwei is appointed as a member of the editorial board of Organization Science and listed as one of the next generation of business gurus by Thinkers50.

Chengwei's interview with Professor Emeritus James G March at Stanford: video


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