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Professor Guglielmo Meardi

Professor of Industrial Relations & Director of the Industrial Relations Research Unit

Research Interests

European integration and industrial relations, including both multinational companies going East, and employees going West. Currently comparing industrial relations and internationalisation in the six largest EU countries.

Teaching in 2015-2016

Human Resource Management & Employment Relations

  • IB96L0: Comparative Employment Relations

HR Management & Employment Relations (London)

  • IB96LL: Comparative Employment Relations


  • IB3860: International Business in Context
  • IB3900: Year Abroad Portfolio

Industrial Relations Research Unit, Organisation & HRM

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 24270


Guglielmo Meardi arrived to Warwick in 1999, after studying in Italy, France and Poland. He has held visiting positions at the Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian Academies of Sciences, and at universities in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. He is a member of the editorial boards of "European Journal of Industrial Relations", "Emecon", "Industrielle Beziehungen", "Sociopedia" (encyclopedia of the International Sociological Association) and (until 2010) "Work, Employment and Society". He led the organisation of the Work, Employment and Society Conference at Warwick in 2013.

Recent Publications [all...]

Journal Articles

  • Pulignano, V. Meardi, G. Doerflinger, N.. "Trade unions and labour market dualisation: A comparison of policies and attitudes towards agency and migrant workers in Germany and Belgium"
    Work, Employment And Society (2015)
  • Meardi, G. Molina, O. Gardawski, J.. "The dynamics of post-democratic transition tripartism. Comparative lessons from Spain and Poland."
    Business History (2015)
  • Prof. Guglielmo G Meardi. "International Recruitment of Health Workers: British Lessons for Europe?"
    International Journal Of Health Services (2015)
  • Prof. Guglielmo G Meardi. "The (Claimed) Irrelevance of Employment Relations"
    Journal Of Industrial Relations 56 (2014)
  • Artiles, A. M. and Meardi, G... "Public opinion, immigration and welfare in the context of uncertainty"
    Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research 20 (2014): 53-68.
  • Meardi, G.. "Global Labour Governance: Potential and Limits of an Emerging Perspective"
    Work, Employment And Society 28 (2013): 651-662.
  • Meardi, G. Strohmer, S. Traxler, F.. "Race to the East, Race to the Bottom? Multinationals and Industrial Relations in Two Sectors in the Czech Republic"
    Work, Employment And Society 27 (2013): 39-55.
  • Meardi, G. Trappmann, V.. "Between Consolidation and Crisis: Divergent Pressures and Sectoral Trends in Poland"
    Transfer 19 (2013): 195-204.
  • Meardi, G.. "Union immobility? Trade unions and the freedoms of movement in the enlarged EU"
    British Journal Of Industrial Relations 50 (2012): 99-120.
  • Meardi, G. Martin, A. Lozano Riera, M.. "Constructing uncertainty: unions and migrant labour in construction in Spain and the UK"
    Journal Of Industrial Relations 54 (2012): 5-21.
  • Bechter, B. Brandl, B. Meardi, G.. "Sectors or Countries? Typologies and Levels of Analysis in Comparative Industrial Relations"
    European Journal of Industrial Relations 18 (2012): 185-202.
  • Bechter, B. Brandl, B. Meardi, G.. "Die Bestimmungsgründe der (Re-)Sektoralisierung der industriellen Beziehungen in der Europäischen Union"
    Industrielle Beziehungen 18 (2011): 143-166.
  • Dr Guglielmo G Meardi. "Understanding Trade Union Cultures"
    Industrielle Beziehungen 18 (2011): 336-345.


Book Chapters

  • Prof. Guglielmo G Meardi. "Employment Relations under External Pressure: Italian and Spanish Reforms during the Great Recession"
    The Comparative Political Economy of Work and Employment Relations (2014): 332-350.
  • Prof. Guglielmo G Meardi. "The State"
    The Oxford Handbook of Employment Relations (2014): 617-636.
  • Meardi, G.. "Systems of Employment Relations in Central Eastern Europe"
    The transformations of employment relations (2013): 69-87.
  • Prof. Guglielmo G Meardi. "Europäische Arbeitsbeziehungen unter internationalem Druck – Ein Sechs-Länder-Vergleich"
    Arbeitsbeziehungen, Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik unter den Bedingungen der Globalisierung und Europäischen Integration (2013): 295-312.
  • Meardi, G.. "Industrial relations after European state traditions?"
    Economy and Society in Europe (2012): 100-123.
  • Meardi, G.. "Labour mobility, union immobility? Trade Unions and migration in the EU"
    (Post)transformational migration: inequalities, welfare state, and horizontal mobility (2011): 77-97.

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