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Professor Joe Nandhakumar

Professor of Information Systems

Research Interests

Design and use of information systems; social media and virtual teams; digital innovation, creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration; and practice theory.

Teaching in 2014-2015

Information Systems Management & Innovation

  • IB96E0: Digital Business Strategy and Social Media
  • IB96E0: Digital Business Strategy and Social Media
  • IB94C0: Dissertation MSISMI

Research Students

  • IB9EE0: Innovation in the Digital Age

Information Systems Management & Innovation

  • IB96H0: Knowledge, Work and Innovation

MSc Business

  • IB96HB: Knowledge, Work and Innovation

Innovation, Knowledge & Organisational Networks Research Unit, Information Systems & Management Group

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 24277


Previously Reader in Information Systems at the School of Management, University of Bath. Held Visiting faculty positions in the Department of Information and Computer Science at the University of California Irvine and in the Department of Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University. Wide ranging industrial experience with Ford of Europe and Nestlé. Fully qualified Chartered Management Accountant. Senior Editor, Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS). Associate Editor, European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS). Editorial Board member of Information Technology and People and Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. Currently principal investigator on ESRC funded studies: Interdisciplinary collaboration in computer games development; and Pricing innovation - developing business models for ‘serious’ computer games.

Recent Publications [all...]

Journal Articles

  • Scarbrough, H., Panourgias, N. and Nandhakumar, J.. "Developing a relational view of the organizing role of objects: A study of the innovation process in computer games"
    Organization Studies (2014)
  • Mohajerani, A. Baptista, J., and Nandhakumar, J.. "Exploring the role of social media in importing logics across social contexts: The case of IT SMEs in Iran"
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change (2014)
  • Panourgias, N., Nandhakumar, J., and Scarbrough, H.. "Entanglements of creative agency and digital technology: a sociomaterial study of computer games development"
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change 83 (2014): 111-126.
  • Nandhakumar, J., Panourgias, N. and Scarbrough, H.. "From knowing it to ‘getting it’: Envisioning practices in computer games development"
    Information Systems Research 24 (2013): 933-955.
  • Subramaniam, N, Nandhakumar, J. and Baptista, J.. "Exploring social network interactions in enterprise systems: the role of virtual co-presence"
    Information Systems Journal 23 (2013)
  • Nandhakumar, J and Scarbrough, H.. "Open sources? A commentary on ‘IS research methods: inclusive or exclusive?'"
    Journal Of Information Technology 26 (2011): 302-303.
  • Nandhakumar, J. and Baskerville, R.. "Moderating a discourse on the moderating effects in the study of top management support"
    European Journal Of Information Systems 20 (2011): 691-692.
  • Mattila, M, Nandhakumar, J, Hallikainen, P. and Rossi, M. "Role of Enterprise System in Organizational Transformation"
    Engineering Management Journal (EMJ) 23 (2011): 8-12.
  • Nandhakumar, J. "Contrarian information systems studies"
    European Journal Of Information Systems 19 (2010): 687-688.
  • Ignatiadis, I., and Nandhakumar, J.. "The Effect of ERP system workarounds on organizational control: an interpretivist case study"
    Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems 21 (2009): 59-90.
  • Stacey, P. and Nandhakumar, J.. "A temporal perspective of the computer game development process"
    Information Systems Journal 19 (2009): 479-497.
  • Shoib, G. and Nandhakumar, J.. "Guest editorial: Using social theory to make sense of IS: what’s it all about?"
    Information, Technology And People 22 (2009): 7-8.
  • Stacey, P. and Nandhakumar, J.. "Opening up to agile games development"
    Communications of The ACM 51 (2008): 143-146.
  • Brown, A. D, Stacey, P. and Nandhakumar, J.. "Making sense of sensemaking narratives"
    Human Relations 61 (2008): 1035-1062.
  • Ignatiadis, I and Nandhakumar, J. "The impact of Enterprise Systems on organizational resilience"
    Journal Of Information Technology 22 (2007): 36-43.
  • Ignatiadis, I and Nandhakumar, J. "The Impact of Enterprise Systems on Organizational Control and Drift: A Human-Machine Agency Perspective"
    International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems 3 (2007): 36-51.

Book Chapters

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