Staff Directory

Dr Kevin Mole

Associate Professor (Reader) of Enterprise & Assistant Dean (PhD Programme)

Research Interests

business advice to small firms; small firm policy; productivity and the small firm; how new firms learn, critical realism.

Teaching in 2015-2016

Research Students

  • IB9EJ0: Advanced Issues in Entrepreneurship

Distance Learning MBA

  • IB8140: Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
  • IB8140: Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation


  • IB3F60: Understanding Enterprise
  • IB3F70: Understanding the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Enterprise Research Centre

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 23918


Expertise ranges across a variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques: on external advice to small firms, the diagnosis of firm problems, policy choices in business support, firm growth and the adoption of new working practices in SMEs. Has worked for the Advanced Institute of Management and client list includes BERR the Small Business Service and Business Link University.

Recent Publications [all...]

Journal Articles

  • Dr Kevin F Mole. "Entrepreneurial leadership, capabilities and firm growth"
    International Small Business Journal 33 (2015)
  • Dr Kevin F Mole. "When moving information online diminishes change: advisory services to SMEs"
    Policy Studies 35 (2014): 172-191.
  • Saridakis, G., Mole,K.F., Hay, G.. "Liquidity Constraints in the First Year of Trading and Firm Performance"
    International Small Business Journal 31 (2013): 520-535.
  • Scott, J.M. and Mole K.F.. "Introduction to the Special Issue: Business support, firm growth, management development and learning in SMEs"
    International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 13 (2012): 5-9.
  • Mole, K.F. Hart, M.,Roper, S. and Saal, D.S.. "Broader or Deeper? Exploring the most effective intervention profile for public small business support"
    Environment And Planning A 43 (2011): 87-105.
  • Mole, K. F. and Mole, M.. "Entrepreneurship as the structuration of individual and opportunity: a response using a critical realist perspective: comment on Sarason, Dean and Dillard"
    Journal of Business Venturing 25 (2010): 230-237.
  • Mole, K. F., Hart, M., Roper, S. and Saal, D. S.. "Assessing the effectiveness of business support services in England: evidence from a theory based evaluation"
    International Small Business Journal 27 (2009): 557-582.
  • Mole, K. and Keogh, W.. "The implications of public sector small business advisers becoming strategic sounding boards: England and Scotland compared"
    Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 21 (2009): 77-97.
  • Capelleras, J. -L., Mole, K. F., Greene, F. J. and Storey, D. J.. "Do more heavily regulated economies have poorer performing new ventures? Evidence from Britain and Spain"
    Journal of International Business Studies 39 (2008): 688-704.
  • Mole, K., Hart, M., Roper, S. and Saal, D.. "Differential gains from Business Link support and advice: a treatment effects approach"
    Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 26 (2008): 315-334.
  • Saridakis, G., Mole, K. F. and Storey, D. J.. "New small firm survival in England"
    Empirica 35 (2008): 25-39.
  • S Fraser, Greene F.J. and Mole K F. "Systematic Biases in Self-Reported Data: The Role of Anchoring and Impression Management"
    British Journal of Management 18 (2007): 192-208.
  • Mole K F. "Tacit Knowledge, Heuristics, Consistency and Error Signals: How do business advisers diagnose their SME clients?"
    Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 14 (2007): 582-601.


Book Chapters

  • Dr Kevin F Mole. "Introduction"
    Perspectives in Entrepreneurship: A Critical Approach (2011)
  • Dr Kevin F Mole. "Conclusion"
    Perspectives in Entrepreneurship: A Critical Approach (2011)
  • Dr Kevin F Mole. "Critical realism in entrepreneurship"
    Perspectives in Entrepreneurship: A Critical Approach (2011)10
  • Mole, Kevin F. Roper, Stephen. "The rational choice approach to entrepreneurship"
    Perspectives in Entrepreneurship: A Critical Approach (2011)4
  • Greene F.J. and Mole K F. "Small Enterprises in the Economy"
    Enterprise and Small Business (2006)

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