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Professor Qing Wang

Professor of Marketing and Innovation

Research Interests

My research interests can be divided into three main areas. The first area investigates the links between firm's marketing capabilities and innovation capabilities under different environment and my work in this area have been published in Journal of Product Innovation Management, Research Policy, etc. My current project in this area studies the capabilities of Chinese enterprises competing in the west through brands. The second area focueses on consumer adoption of radically new products and services both before and after purchase and my work in this area have been published in Journal of Marketing Research, Psychology & Marketing. My current project in this area examines the influence of goal-oriented anticipatory affect on post adoption new product usage. My third area of work examines how luxury brand consumption as part of the leverhulme Luxury Network. My current project investigates how newly rich build self identity through luxury brand consumption in the context of highly dynamic economy like China and India.

Teaching in 2015-2016


  • IB3260: Buyer Behaviour
  • IB3120: Project (Full weight)

Marketing & Strategy

  • IB9W90: The Diffusion of New Products and Technologies

Marketing Group

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 23620


Professor Qing Wang was previously a faculty member at SPRU, Sussex University before joining Warwick Business School in 2000. She held visiting professor positions at several universities including Fuqua School of Business, Duke University (2004-5), Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University (2002-3), and Insead, Singapore (2009). Professor Qing Wang is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK, Academic Member of the Marketing Science Institute in the U.S. and External Expert for China's National Research Centre for Technological Innovation. She is Member of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) and European Marketing Academy (EMAC). She published in leading refereed journals including Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Research Policy. She is the Director of the MICE (Marketing, Innovation and the Chinese Economy) network and is Associate Editor of Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing and International Journal of China Marketing. She has consulted for companies in the UK, US and China.

Recent Publications [all...]

Journal Articles

  • Wang, Q. and Shukla, P. ""Linking sources of consumer confusion to decision satisfaction: the role of choice goals","
    Psychology & Marketing 30 (April) (2013)
  • Yan Yang, Qing Wang, Hengyuan Zhu and Guisheng Wu. "What Are the Effective Strategic Orientations for New Product Success under Different Environments? An Empirical Study of Chinese Businesses"
    Journal of Product Innovation Management 29 (2012): 166-179.
  • Martin Liu, Qing Wang. "Double-Standard or Effective Positioning: What Factors Influence Consumers’ Authenticity Evaluation of Off-shore Manufactured Brands?"
    International Journal of Research in Marketing (2011)
  • Wang, Q., Collinson, S. and Wu, X.. "The rise of Chinese technology-based firms: new institutional and market contexts for innovation"
    International Journal of Innovation Management 14 (2010): v-x.
  • Wang, Q., Alexander, A. and Lynch, J. G., Jr.. "After the box has been opened: goal orientation as the driver of new product usage and the moderating effects of product knowledge and perceived newness"
    Advances In Consumer Research 37 (2010)
  • Hengyuan Zhu, Qing Wang and Ligang Yan. "Are consumers what they consume? - Linking lifestyle segmentation to product attributes: an exploratory study of the Chinese mobile phone market"
    Journal of Marketing Management 25 (2009): 295-314.
  • Alexander, D. L., Lynch, J. G., Jr. and Wang, Q.. "As time goes by: do cold feet follow warm intentions for really new versus incrementally new products?"
    Journal of Marketing Research 45 (2008): 307-319.
  • Wang, Q., Dacko, S. and Gad, M.. "Factors influencing consumers evaluation and adoption intention of really-new products or services: prior knowledge, innovativeness and timing of product evaluation"
    Advances In Consumer Research 35 (2008): 416-422.
  • Leong Yow Peng and Qing Wang. "Effects of Customer Beliefs on Relationship Marketing Tactics and Customer Attitude on Switching Intention in a Competitive Service Industry"
    Advances In Consumer Research VII (2007): 293-303.
  • Nick von Tunzelmann and Qing Wang. "Capabilities and Production Theory"
    Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 18 (2007): 192-211.
  • Leong Yow Peng and Qing Wang. "Impact of Relationship Marketing Tactics on Stayers and Switchers in a competitive Service Industry"
    Journal of Marketing Management 22 (2006): 25-59.
  • Qing Wang. "Chinas Leap into the Information Age: Innovation and Organisation in the Computer Industry"
    Technovation (2004): 173-174.
  • Nick von Tunzelmann and Qing Wang. "An Evolutionary View of Dynamic Capabilities"
    Economie Appliquee 6 (2003): 33-64.
  • Qing Wang. "Consumer Learning Through Using and the Role of Prior Knowledge in the Situation of Really New Products"
    Advances In Consumer Research VI (2003): 376-380.
  • Qing Wang and Elisa Montaguti. "R&D/marketing interface and new product entry strategy"
    Marketing Intelligence And Planning 20 (2002): 82-85.
  • Qing Wang. "Chinas industrial technology: market reform and organisational change"
    Research Policy 30 (2001): 1160-1161.
  • Qing Wang and von Tunzelmann, N. "Complexity and the functions of the firm: breadth and depth"
    Research Policy 29 (2000): 805-818.

Book Chapters

  • Wang, Q.. "Understanding consumer responses to innovations"
    Gaining momentum: managing the diffusion of innovations (2010)6: 195-214.
  • Mutum, D. and Qing, W.. "Consumer generated advertising in blogs"
    Handbook of research on digital media and advertising: user generated content consumption (2010)13: 248-261.
  • Qing Wang and von Tunzelmann N. "Innovation Process in Complex Product Systems in China"
    China's future in the knowledge economy: Engaging the new world (2002): 120-131.

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