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Professor Zvi Safra

Professor of Behavioural Science

Research Interests

Zvi's research interests cover Decision Making under Uncertainty, Game Theory, Bargaining Theory and Law and Economics.

Teaching in 2015-2016

Business Analytics

  • IB94S0: Decision Analysis Consulting

MSc Business

  • IB9AZ0: Fundamentals of Economic Behaviour

Behavioural Science Group

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 72547


Zvi Safra joined Warwick Business School as a Professor of Behavioural Science in 2013, after two years as a Chair of Economics at the University of Exeter. Previously he served as the Provost and the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the College of Management Academic Studies, a University College based in Israel. Until 2005, he was a Professor at the Graduate School of Management at Tel Aviv University.
Zvi earned his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has held visiting appointments at various universities in North America (Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Rice university, University of Toronto, University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan), in Europe (Pantheon-Sorbonne, Universities of Paris II and VI and Ecole Polytechnique) and in Australia (Australian National University).
He has a long list of publications, which includes articles in Econometrica, the American Economic Review, theJournal of Economic Theory, the Economic Journal and the Review of Economic Studies.

Recent Publications [all...]

Journal Articles

  • Tigran Melkonyan and Zvi Safra. "Intrinsic Variability in Group and Individual Decision-Making"
    Management Science forthcoming (2015)
  • Edi Karni and Zvi Safra. "Continuity, Completeness, Betweenness and Cone-monotonicity"
    Mathematical Social Sciences 74 (2015): 68-72.
  • Grant, Simon, Kajii, Atsushi, Polak, Ben and Safra, Zvi.. "Equally-distributed equivalent utility, ex post egalitarianism and utilitarianism"
    Journal Of Economic Theory 147 (2012): 1545-1571.
  • Simon Grant, Atsushi kajii, Ben Polak and Zvi Safra. "A Generalized Representation Theorem for Harsanyi’s (‘Impartial’) Observer"
    Social Choice And Welfare 39 (2012)
  • Grant, Simon, Kajii, Atsushi, Polak, Ben and Safra, Zvi.. "Generalized utilitarianism and Harsanyi's impartial observer theorem"
    Econometrica 78 (2010): 1939-1971.
  • Safra, Zvi and Segal, Uzi.. "Risk aversion in the small and in the large : calibration results for betweenness functionals"
    Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 38 (2009): 27-37.
  • Safra, Zvi and Segal, Uzi.. "Calibration results for non-expected utility theories"
    Econometrica 76 (2008): 1143-1166.
  • Edi Karni and Zvi Safra. "Moral Sentiments and Social Choice"
    Social Choice And Welfare 30 (2008)
  • Moshe Bar Niv and Zvi Safra. "On the Desirability of Appellate Courts"
    Review of Law & Economics 2 (2006)
  • Dov Samet and Zvi Safra. "A family of Ordinal Solutions to Bargaining Problems with Many Players"
    Games and Economic Behavior 50 (2005)
  • Alon Harel, Zvi Safra and Uzi Segal. "Ex-post egalitarianism and legal justice"
    Journal Of Law Economics And Organisation 21 (2005)
  • Zvi Safra and Dov Samet. "An Ordinal Solution to Bargaining Problems with Many Players"
    Games and Economic Behavior 46 (2004)
  • Zvi Safra and Einat Weissengrin. "Harsanyi’s Impartial Observer Theorem with a Restricted Domain"
    Social Choice And Welfare 20 (2003)
  • Edi Karni and Zvi Safra. "Individual Sense of Justice: A Utility Representation"
    Econometrica 70 (2002)
  • Zvi Safra and Uzi Segal. "On the Economic Meaning of Machina’s Frechet Differentiability Assumption"
    Journal Of Economic Theory 104 (2002)
  • Edi Karni and Zvi Safra. "Intensity of the Sense of Fairness: Measurement and behavioral Characterization"
    Journal Of Economic Theory 105 (2002)
  • Zvi Safra and Uzi Segal. "Rank Dependent Preferences without Ranking Axioms"
    35 (2001)
  • Eran Hanany and Zvi Safra. "Existence and Uniqueness of Ordinal Nash Outcomes"
    Journal Of Economic Theory 90 (2000)
  • Edi Karni and Zvi Safra. "An Extension of a Theorem of von Neumann and Morgenstern with an Application to Social Choice Theory"
    Journal Of Mathematical Economics 34 (2000)
  • Moshe Bar Niv and Zvi Safra. "The Undesirability of Detailed Judicial Reasoning"
    European Journal Of Law And Economics 7 (1999)

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