Joint Degrees

We offer many opportunities for cross-curricular study through elective modules on our courses.  Additionally, WBS joint degrees are offered in collaboration with other departments at the University of Warwick. Enquiries about joint courses should be made to the partner department, not WBS.

BA Law & Business Studies
Gain a critical understanding of both the legal framework of business activity and the economic and commercial context in which law operates.  You can study with us for three or four years, with a fourth year enabling you to take a wider variety of options, including a foreign language.

BSc Computer & Business Studies
Learn to apply the power of information technology to address real-world business problems by gaining a good grounding in concepts and skills in both computer science and business. Study specialist modules from both Computer Science and WBS, including a number that focus particularly on topics at the intersection between computing and business. Gradually choose a specialist interest from each, and manage the balance between them.

BA German & Business Studies
This four-year course will see you spend your third year in a German-speaking country, studying at a partner university and/or working in an industrial or commercial organisation.

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