Subject groups

Our subject groups

Our world-class, diverse faculty all belong to one of our nine subject groups. Explore them below and click onto their dedicated group pages to find out more about their teaching, research, and expertise.



The Accounting group at WBS covers all aspects of accounting research from financial and corporate reporting expertise, to management accounting and capital market-based accounting. 

Behavioural Science

The Behavioural Science group at WBS was founded in 2010. Research interests include behavioural and experimental economics, cognitive science, judgement and decision making at the individual as well as the organisational level, happiness and wellbeing, and behaviour change.  

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation at WBS is an interdisciplinary teaching and research group, focusing on issues of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, both within and across organisations, in a variety of settings, including the public and private sector. 


The Finance group focuses on asset pricing, corporate finance, international finance, and financial markets, at both theoretical and applied levels.  

Information Systems & Management

The Information Systems & Management group at WBS conducts research on the transformative potential of digital technology. Their cross-disciplinary approach examines the interactions between people, organisations and information technologies.  


The Marketing group at WBS has a reputation for academic excellence, teaching quality and collegiality. As a group we share a common belief in the positive impact of responsible marketing and sales practices in modern organisations and society. Our research, teaching and impact activities demonstrate our enthusiasm for and commitment to this belief.


The Operations group at WBS comprises operations management, operational research and analytics. Our research covers a broad range of topics such as process improvement, search and relational dynamics within supply chains and networks, strategic alignment, performance measurement and management, service operations and design thinking and innovation. 

Organisation and Work

The Organisation and Work (OW) group at WBS is one of the leading groups of organisation and work scholars in Europe. Our members share an interest in thinking critically about organisation, work, employment, practices, processes, institutions, and management within contemporary and future organisations.

Strategy and International Business

The Strategy and International Business group at WBS conducts world-class research in the areas of strategy and international business, including modes and processes of internationalisation, knowledge transfer in multinationals, strategy as practice and process, global energy, sustainability, and technology and market emergence, amongst others.