Distance learning MBA (London)


The fees for June 2018:

Year 1 (18/19) Year 2 (19/20) Total
£17,200     £17,800 £35,000

If you extend your studies into a third year there will be no additional charge, if you extend into a fourth year, there will be an extension fee of £965 payable in 2021/22.

To secure your place on the course you must lodge a £1,500 deposit with us within four weeks of receiving your offer. The deposit is part of the total fee, not an additional cost. Read more about how to pay at the University's finance pages.By paying the deposit you are agreeing to the University of Warwick refund policy which can be viewed here.

What's included / excluded?

The fee includes:

  • study materials
  • one face-to-face module
  • registration
  • tuition
  • examinations
  • graduation ceremony

It excludes:

  • overseas exam charge (£50 per exam)
  • overseas examination centre charges (£70 per exam)
  • residential accommodation
  • meals
  • travel
  • additional careers support
  • graduation robes (£45) and photographs (£15 - £200). 

Additional fees also apply if you take more than one face-to-face module (£984 for academic year 2018-2019).

How to pay

Tuition fees are payable in advance or at the start of each academic year. Payments can be made by bank transfer, banker’s draft, cheque, telephone or direct debit (online or in person). If you have been awarded a scholarship, this will be deducted from your first year fee, unless specified otherwise in your offer letter.

Self-funding students can either pay the annual tuition fee at the start of each year or can opt to pay in instalments with the following payment schedule:

  • 50% of tuition fees due on the first day of your academic year
  • 25% of tuition fees due on first day of month 4 of your academic year
  • 25% of tuition fees due on first day of month 7 of your academic year


£2million+ in WBS Scholarships
We have over £2million in WBS Scholarships to award to the most talented candidates. All self-funded applicants will be automatically considered for an award of up to 25% off the total tuition fees. We strongly recommend that you apply for the course as early as possible if you'd like to be considered.

WBS Scholarships are targeted at those who:

  • are likely to be in the top 20% of their class
  • will bring both outstanding experience and diversity of background to the class; and will be successful ambassadors for the MBA during the course and following graduation. 

For details of other scholarships, see the University's scholarship pages.

Sponsored students

The Warwick Distance learning MBA can bring vast benefits to an organisation. As an individual you will be more effective, generating creative solutions and using proven tools, ideas, and best practice to resolve business issues.

If you’re looking to evidence this impact, let us help you put a case together

You may need to ask for support from your employer in the following areas.

  • Finance: helping pay your tuition fees, travel, or other expenses
  • Time: giving you enough time away from work to study
  • Development: offering opportunities at work to implement your learning.

Download our guidelines to help you as you prepare your case.

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