Leading Sustainability Transitions

Make your organisation more sustainable

We all know that sustainability is a critical challenge that can’t be ignored. But where do you start with building a sustainability strategy in your organisation? And when you do have a strategy in place, how can you effectively implement it?   

This part-time, online course, will provide you with the necessary skills, concepts, and tools for tackling the key sustainability challenges that you and your organisation are facing. Through peer learning and insights from WBS experts, this course will provide you with the time and space to reflect on the issues and opportunities that your organisation needs to address, in order to become more sustainable. You will have instant access to the relevant frameworks for developing and implementing an effective sustainability strategy, with a focus on helping you transition your teams, organisation, and industry, to becoming more sustainable.  

  • Start Date 24 April 2023
  • Duration 6 weeks
  • Location Online
  • Format Part-time
  • Fees £1,850 *

* See fees and funding for fees breakdown.

What will I learn on this course?

  • Understand the key sustainability challenges that you and your organisation are facing, and the frameworks that can be used to tackle them
  • Appreciate the scale, scope and urgency of the need for climate change action and other sustainability issues, in order to develop a suite of appropriate strategic responses
  • Consider the role of effective leadership in a sustainable business and develop models for your own personal leadership development
  • Along with environmental challenges, explore the importance of considering social issues when making key business decisions
  • Learn how to apply a range of cutting-edge tools, concepts and frameworks to your own organisation, in order to make a real impact
  • Identify KPI’s so that you can drive meaningful change throughout your organisation and create a sustainability plan.  

Why should I do this course?

Change your business for the better
Change your business for the better

Through expert insights and practical learning, you will develop the skills and knowledge to implement an effective sustainability strategy, so that you can shape your organisation’s response to the global climate crisis.  

Designed for all business leaders
Designed for all business leaders

No matter how small or large your business is, this course is beneficial and relevant. Whether you are new to learning about sustainability, or already have in-depth knowledge on the challenges, the skills you learn on this course will enable you to reflect on the opportunities within your organisation for becoming more sustainable.

Learning to fit your schedule
Learning to fit your schedule

The six-week course will be delivered asynchronously through our world-class online classroom. This will offer you great flexibility in fitting your learning around the many other demands that you face, whilst not sacrificing the benefits of interconnectedness and collaboration with fellow students.

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