About us


Since 1967, we have been welcoming students from around the world to study with us at the University of Warwick. From humble beginnings, WBS has grown to become the largest department at the University, with a global network of over 53,000 alumni in more than 167 countries.


We partner with a range of organisations to deliver tailored recruitment and executive education solutions, specific to organisational development needs.

What makes Warwick Business School different?
1 We are for the Change Makers

A Change Maker thinks beyond themselves and their environment; they’re open to other viewpoints and they consider the ripple effect of what they do on a personal, social, and commercial level. They’re driven by having the biggest positive impact and a focus on the greater good. Change Makers don’t just accept things at face value; they question and challenge, and they have the drive to pursue every possible solution in order to achieve their ambitions. 

2 Personal transformation

We’re here to support and motivate every member of our community to unlock their full potential and achieve their ambitions. But we’re not here to hold hands. We’ll push, critique, and challenge you along the way to be the best that you can be.

3 Diversity matters

We focus on what makes people great, and we know there is strength in diversity. We bring people together from across the globe, from very different backgrounds, who are restless to change the world. We see it as the opportunity to share new voices, new viewpoints and new ideas.

4 Thought leadership

Our faculty strive for excellence in everything they do, from the latest ground-breaking research to inspiring our students. We love collaborating - with policymakers, with the healthcare sector, and with disability rights charities to name just a few - to ensure organisations are embracing the future of change and creating a fairer world. We enjoy sharing the latest ground-breaking research which is why we produce our annual thought leadership magazine CORE and our CORE Insights Series, showcasing the latest theories and expert opinions from our faculty. 

5 Inspirational learning environment

For our students, learning isn’t confined to the classroom. Through our bespoke learning platform my.wbs our students can take the classroom with them anywhere and connect with classmates and lecturers from anywhere in the world. Our rebellious streak has led us to leave the whiteboard behind and give our students practical experiences in order to apply their learning. Our Case Study Competitions place our students at the forefront of real business challenges, expanding their minds and putting their theoretical knowledge to the test.

6 Personalised careers guidance

To help our students realise their full potential, our in-house and industry-leading CareersPlus team have a wealth of experience, networks and resources for you to take advantage of. Whether you’re at the start of your journey, or have years of industry experience, they will equip you with the right toolkit for success on the next phase of your journey. Our door is open. Welcome to WBS.