Macroeconomic Policy and Forecasting Research Network

The Macroeconomic Policy and Forecasting (MPF) Research Network produces world-class research in the areas of empirical macroeconomics and macroeconomic forecasting.  We have strong links with academic and policy-making institutions, enhancing our research impact and supporting research-led teaching.

MPF members have published high-impact research in international-quality economics and econometrics journals including the American Economic Review, the Economic Journal, the Review of Economic Statistics and the Journal of Business and Statistics. MPF members have also served on the editorial boards of influential international-quality journals and our research has been supported by a variety of grants from policy making institutions and grant-awarding bodies. 

We supervise PhD students in the areas of macroeconomics and econometrics on the MRes/PhD in Finance and Economics (run jointly with the University's Department of Economics).  We provide students with support to develop their individual research skills and pursue academic and research positions.  Past PhD students have gone on to work in policy-making institutions and academic departments across the world.

MPF members teach economics and econometrics across the Undergraduates, Masters and PhD programmes.  Our teaching portfolio includes economics and econometrics modules, with a particular focus on macroeconomics and macroeconomic forecasting.


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