Our Doctoral Courses

Make your mark in the world of business with our Doctoral Programmes.

Undertaking a doctorate is an exciting and ambitious decision. Our DBA and MRes/PhD programmes provides an environment in which you can flourish, develop as an independent researcher, contribute to academic debates and society. At WBS you can expect to be constantly challenged by new ideas, rigorous critical thinking, international perspectives, and making a positive societal impact. The WBS community is built for the Change Makers and our aim is to prepare you for a successful and rewarding academic career.

Our Doctoral Courses

Our PhD courses will enable you to experience independent thinking in a world-class interdisciplinary environment allowing you to develop and deepen your chosen area of research. We value our doctoral researchers and aim to attract students from across the globe who are independent thinkers, restless to learn more and challenge themselves.

The DBA is equivalent in stature to a PhD, but distinct in that you pursue applied research rather than theoretical knowledge. The goal of the DBA is to design organisational interventions which help address real world challenges, and then to evaluate, assess and test the effectiveness of those interventions, and to communicate the findings so that both the world of practice and the world of research can benefit.

With its excellent faculty expertise, WBS provided me with the opportunity to explore my research interests further and work with people of a similar mind-set."
Yazhou He Presidential Fellow, Alliance Manchester Business School,
PhD Finance (2013-2017)
The wide array of research interests at WBS means that there is always someone to offer academic help and support to me and my work."
David Felstead PhD Business & Management (2014 - 2019)
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Interacting with the cohort has given me so much more wealth of experience and just being together with these kind of professionals has really broadened my knowledge.
Remi Abere Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Lead, Doctor of Business Administration (2016-2020),