Delivering cutting-edge research that addresses business and management issues

Our vision is to develop cutting-edge research that leads debate and deepens our understanding of the practice of business and management. Research is undertaken in partnership with policy and practice, to ensure both relevance and practical application.

Our cutting-edge research activities are based on a set of core values:


learning as a way of life


cosmopolitan mindset, embracing diversity and different perspectives


always challenging convention to find a better way


never compromising our high standards

The department is home to world-class and diverse faculty, who bring comprehensive expertise and can examine a broad spectrum of business, policy, and societal and economic issues.

Our interdisciplinarity, together with our desire to respond and contribute to varied societal issues, provides a vibrant and creative environment for research to flourish. It is not uncommon to find a WBS professor of entrepreneurship and innovation partnering with psychiatrists at Warwick Medical School or a professor of practice collaborating with cyber systems engineers at Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Here we showcase our latest research findings, published in top management journals, together with recent research news and research impact examples.

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