Finance and Markets

Finance and Markets

A well-established and strong area for the School, Finance and Markets is undergoing a rapid revolution from cryptocurrencies, to the emergence of Fintech and open banking. 

Our Finance and Markets research covers these new areas plus subjects ranging from asset pricing, macroeconomics and financial markets to central banking, corporate finance and private equity. 

Our MSc Finance and BSc Accounting & Finance courses are highly ranked both in the UK and globally, with academics from all over the world attracted to the School’s world-class research in the area. WBS has a strong relationship with the Bank of England, establishing research partnerships and collaborating to develop highly relevant Masters courses to train future central bankers across the world. 

Latest Finance and Markets Research

Finance and Markets
How do we keep stablecoins stable?

The collapse of TerraUSD revealed the vulnerabilities in some stablecoins. Ganesh Viswanath-Natraj reveals how to boost stability and confidence in digital assets.

Strategy and Organisational Change
How to improve UK productivity

The lack of UK productivity has dogged the country's economy for years, but Nigel Driffield lays out some policies that could finally produce productivity growth.